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JNDI Tutorial

Naming services map objects with names. It maps a reference to an object by a user friendly name. For example a machine maps its ip address. Examples : Domain Naming Service, File systems. Question 2. JNDI is also used to lookup resources like a database or a message queue.

With JNDI you get a uniform way to access directory services. To centralize the information storage the enterprises uses LDAP. The information is of user names, passwords, email addresses, printers, determination of database access. Multiple database management is reduced by centralizing the information. Searching for files and directories done by providing Directory services. A directory service is a set of names. The user and resource information and machine addresses are summarized by directory service.

For example, for a given user name, the service returns the attributes of the user such as telephone no, email address etc. A directory service use the databases that specialized and hierarchical in design. It is a protocol for locating organizations, individuals, and other resources such as files and devices in a network, whether on the public Internet or on a corporate intranet. Question 9. What Is Jndi? It provides a means for an application to locate components that exist in a name space according to certain attributes.

A J2EE application component uses JNDI interfaces to look up and reference system-provided and user-defined objects in a component environment. JNDI is not specific to a particular naming or directory service. It can be used to access many different kinds of systems including file systems. The parameters you have to define for JNDI service are as follows:.

Question Your code will break if the physical location is changed. The deployer will not be able to modify your code. Logical references solve this problem by binding the logical name to the physical name in the application server.

The logical names will be declared in the deployment descriptors web. DataSource Container. MyBeanHome com. All naming operations are relative to a context. The InitalContext implements the Context interface and provides an entry point for the resolution of names.

What Is An Ldap Server? This is an extensible open network protocol standard that provides access to distributed directory services. Under OpenLDAP and related servers, there are two servers slapd, the LDAP daemon where the queries are sent to and slurpd, the replication daemon where data from one server is pushed to one or more slave servers.

By having multiple servers hosting the same data, you can increase reliability, scalability, and availability. LDAP has the potential to consolidate all the existing application specific information like user, company phone and e-mail lists. This means that the change made on an LDAP server will take effect on every directory service based application that uses this piece of user information.

The variety of information about a new user can be added through a single interface which will be made available to Unix account, NT account, e-mail server, Web Server, Job specific news groups etc. When the user leaves his account can be disabled to all the services in a single operation.

Typically in a J2EE application environment it will be used to authenticate and authorize users. So in a nutshell, LDAP is more useful when the information is often searched but rarely modified. In most applications, this is done by using an InitialDirContext object that takes a Hashtable as an argument:. Any Java application that needs to access information about users, machines, networks, and services. User information includes security credentials, phone numbers, electronic and postal mail addresses, and application preferences.

Machine information includes network addresses, machine configurations, etc. In addition, any Java application that needs to either export objects or access objects exported by other applications and services. Examples include printers, calendars, and networked file systems. It is analogous to the java. File class for accessing files. There might be some administrative programs that need to manipulate a file at the protocol level such as NFS , but typically all Java applications use the File class to access to file system.

JNDI itself is independent of any specific directory access protocol. Individual service providers determine the protocols to support. It is used for low-level access to LDAP directories. It exposes details about the protocol that applications typically do not need to know.

For example, you can manipulate objects such as AWT and JavaBeans components, bind them into the directory, and look them back up without having to do any translation or deal with data representation issues. JNDI allows for applications to work in conjunction with directory-specific security systems.

In the future, JNDI-based applications will be able to take advantage of any single sign-on mechanism developed for the Java platform. Question 1. What Is A Naming Service? Answer : Naming services map objects with names. Answer : JNDI is also used to lookup resources like a database or a message queue. Explain The Importance Of Jndi? Question 4. What Is A Directory Service? Answer : Searching for files and directories done by providing Directory services.

Answer : At the time of creation of the databases, the existing LDAP will receive the database server instance and the database information is provided to the LDAP directory after the creation of the databases. The catalogue information need not be stored locally on each machine for the clients. The LDAP directory will be searched by the client applications for the needed information in order to connect to the database.

Question 7. Uses Of Ldap? Answer : A large no. Of machines can have a common list of login users. Reading accesses and responsiveness is fast. LDAP can be used to cluster when failover occurs. The name service port number.

What Is A Jndi Initialcontext? Answer : All naming operations are relative to a context. It defines the operations one may perform like search, add, delete, modify, change name It defines how operations and data are conveyed. Hierarchical structure of entries, those make up a directory. DN: Distinguished Name. This uniquely identifies an entry in the directory. DN is read from right to left and commas separate these names.

An ObjectClass is a distinct, named set of attributes that represent something concrete such as a user, a computer, or an application. LDAP schema: defines rules that specify the types of objects that a directory may contain and the required optional attributes that entries of different types should have.

Who Should Use Jndi? Answer : Any Java application that needs to access information about users, machines, networks, and services. Describe What Jndi Is? Answer : HotJava Views 1. Mail Server Interview Questions Question Answer : JNDI itself is independent of any specific directory access protocol.

Answer : JNDI provides an excellent object-oriented abstraction of directory and naming. It offers the application one interface for accessing all these naming and directory services.

Although it can be used to access other directories, it is a Windows-centric solution. Apache Wicket Interview Questions Question What About Security?

Answer : Different directories have different ways of dealing with security.

JMS Tutorial – Java Message Service Tutorial

To make this simple, we will use java. It is designed to be independent of any specific naming or directory service implementation. Java applications use this API to access a variety of naming and directory services. Of course, you can extend it. If you want to look up a object, you need at least two pieces of information:. What is a object's name?

Java client libraries are available for services such as the Rights Management service. The Invocation API are classes that are located in the com. Using these classes, you can send an invocation request directly to a service and handle an invocation response that is returned. Use the Invocation API to invoke short-lived or long-lived processes that were created by using Workbench. The recommended way to programmatically invoke a service is to use a Java client library that corresponds to the service as opposed to the Invocation API. For example, to invoke the Encryption service, use the Encryption service client library. To perform an Encryption service operation, invoke a method that belongs to the Encryption service client object.

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Java Message Service is an API which supports the formal communication called as messaging between computers on a network. It provides a common interface for standard message protocols and message services in support to the Java programs. It provides facility to create, send and read messages.

The tutorial in this book progresses from the most basic to advanced JNDI capabilities and techniques, including more than working examples that demonstrate writing, compiling, and running directory-enabled Java tm programs. In addition, this book contains a comprehensive reference section that documents all JNDI classes and interfaces. Specific topics covered include: Accessing the LDAP via JNDI Using the directory as an object repository Configuring a JNDI client Handling event notifications from the directory Creating a federation of naming systems Building a JNDI service provider All developers using the Java programming language to write applications or subsystems that access naming and directory services will find this book an indispensable resource.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I was curious on what it was and how it worked. It is part of the Java EE specification and provides an API for java clients to discover and look up data and objects by name.

JNDI Resources HOW-TO

Additionally, it specifies a service provider interface SPI that allows directory service implementations to be plugged into the framework. The SPI portion allows support for practically any kind of naming or directory service, including:. A name can be any string such as "com. A name can also be an object that implements the Name interface; however a string is the most common way to name an object. A name is bound to an object in the directory by storing either the object or a reference to the object in the directory service identified by the name. The initial context is typically used as a starting point.

JBoss Web provides a JNDI InitialContext implementation instance for each web application running under it, in a manner that is compatible with those provided by a Java2 Enterprise Edition application server. JBoss Web maintains a separate namespace of global resources for the entire server. The InitialContext is configured as a web application is initially deployed, and is made available to web application components for read-only access. Each subsection below details the configuration and usage of the standard resource factories. See Adding Custom Resource Factories for information about how to create, install, configure, and use your own custom resource factory classes with JBoss Web.

Naming services map objects with names. It maps a reference to an object by a user friendly name. For example a machine maps its ip address. Examples : Domain Naming Service, File systems. Question 2. JNDI is also used to lookup resources like a database or a message queue. With JNDI you get a uniform way to access directory services.

JNDI API Tutorial and Reference: Building Directory-Enabled Java¿ Applications

1. JMS Tutorial – Need of JMS

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JNDI Resources HOW-TO

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