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Living and Non-Living Things Worksheets

According to National Science Teaching Standards, students need to understand characterization of organisms. In this lesson, students will learn that plants and animals are living things. All living things need food and water, carry out respiration, reproduce, grow and move. My students understand nonliving and living things. They understand that living things need food and water; however, they do not understand the other characteristics such as: carry out respiration, reproduce, grow, and move.

At the students' desk, I provide them with play dough so they can create a nonliving and living thing. I tell them to create a living or nonliving thing with the provided play dough.

This helps my hands-on and visual learners. Then they are invited to turn and talk to a partner and they tell their partner why there creation is living or nonliving. I permit some partners to share with the entire class. This strategies ensure that all students have a voice and I assess students' background knowledge, too. When the video is finish, I have the students share. I assigned the leader and the groups select the recorder, reporter, manager time keeper.

They placed group assignment tags on their shirt with a clothes pin, group labs. In this investigation, I want students to use the science process skills sort or classify, communicate, and observe. I provide groups with nonliving and living cards and "What Am I" lab sheet. I inform my students that they will observe 12 picture cards and decide which pictures show living or nonliving things. As groups collaborate, I facilitate their learning by asking : how were you able to decide which pictures were nonliving or living?

How can living things use nonliving things? In floating to each group, I provide students autonomy and I can check for misconceptions and understanding. The following questions will be asked: How did you decide which pictures show living things and nonliving things? I use my document camera to enlarge the living or nonliving chart , to serve as a visual.

Students are asked to write yes or no under each column. It permits my students to continue to build background knowledge about living and nonliving things. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. BetterLesson reimagines professional learning by personalizing support for educators to support student-centered learning. See what we offer. Sign Up Log In. SWBAT distinguish and compare living and nonliving objects.

Big Idea Is it living or nonliving? That is the question. Lesson Author. Grade Level. SP3 Planning and carrying out investigations. SP6 Constructing explanations for science and designing solutions for engineering. Setting the Stage. Background Knowledge: My students understand nonliving and living things. All needed resources are included. Engage 10 minutes. Explore 20 minutes.

Evaluate 10 minutes. Students will return back to the carpet to discuss their findings. Previous Lesson. Next Lesson. Second grade.

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Look around and what do you see? A beautiful world, that is made of living and non-living things! Let's introduce our little scientists of kindergarten through grade 3 to this world with our living and non-living things worksheets. Learn the characteristic traits that help distinguish living and non-living things, find aesthetically designed charts, exercises to test comprehension, cut and paste and many more fun activities. Print some of these worksheets for free! Classification chart.

Living Or Nonliving?

Sets of Pictures of living and nonliving things for group activity such as cat, car, squirrel, bicycle, bus, blocks, board game, flower, tree, fly, airplane, bee, child, adult. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to compare living and nonliving things by identifying characteristics of both living and nonliving things. Students will also be able to identify plants, animals, and people as living things. Students become engaged by assessing prior knowledge by comparing and contrasting various pictures and seeking a way to sort them into 2 groups.

Dead or Alive?...Exploration of living and nonliving things

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