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Applied Optics and Optical Design, Part Two

Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Volume VI is an chapter text that covers the principles and design of some optical devices and systems. The first three chapters deal with the principles, mode of operation, and application of several types of lasers, such as solid-state, gas, and semiconductor diode lasers. These topics are followed by the presentation of the physics and engineering of acousto-optic systems and coherent light valves. A chapter provides the fundamental considerations of the principles of scanning devices and systems, including the light beam, the scanning motions and patterns, and optical, mechanical, and electronic engineering considerations. The discussion then shifts to the potential applications of coherent optical processing techniques in mapping and the infrared detectors to the optical engineer. The remaining chapters examine the principles and applications of optical holography, image intensifiers, and fiber optics. This book is of great benefit to applied scientists and engineers who are interested in the conceptualization and design of new instruments and systems of coherent optics.

Applied Optics and Optical Engineering V6

Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behaviour and properties of light , including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. Because light is an electromagnetic wave , other forms of electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays , microwaves , and radio waves exhibit similar properties. Most optical phenomena can be accounted for by using the classical electromagnetic description of light. Complete electromagnetic descriptions of light are, however, often difficult to apply in practice. Practical optics is usually done using simplified models. The most common of these, geometric optics , treats light as a collection of rays that travel in straight lines and bend when they pass through or reflect from surfaces. Physical optics is a more comprehensive model of light, which includes wave effects such as diffraction and interference that cannot be accounted for in geometric optics.

Conrady's classic work presents his complete system of optical design. The only work of its kind in English, this set leads the reader step by step from the fundamental concepts of geometrical and physical optics up to the point where he can design the simpler optical systems without aid. It remains the only detailed work on the subject written with the needs of the practical designer and the self-taught constantly in mind. For most of the text, no mathematics above trigonometry is needed; occasional sections require some calculus and analytical geometry. Part I covers all ordinary ray-tracing methods, together with the complete theory of primary aberrations and as much of higher aberration as is needed for the design of telescopes, low-power microscopes and simple optical systems.

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Optics and Lasers

This book contains eight chapters that tackle the concepts, techniques, and process vital to optical engineering design. This book deals first with the luminous properties and spectral radiance of incoherent light sources, followed by an overview of plastic optical components.

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