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Published: 26.01.2021

The recent verdict by Supreme Court on Vodafone case generates fresh debates on whether India needs to review her existing legal provisions particularly with respect to offshore tax laws.

Make Tax Planning a Part of Your Company’s Risk Management Strategy

No one likes to pay taxes. But taxes are the law. The terms "tax avoidance" and "tax evasion" are often used interchangeably, but they are very different concepts. Basically, tax avoidance is legal, while tax evasion is not. Businesses get into trouble with the IRS when they intentionally evade taxes.

Differences Between Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Tax Planning

Research finds that companies that incorporate their tax-planning decisions into their overall enterprise risk management are better able to find that balance of risk and reward. To do this, boards should 1 Take responsibility for risk oversight; 2 Engage in risk-monitoring activities on a regular basis; and 3 Foster an appropriate risk mindset. The five largest U. Yet those same companies have repeatedly faced criticism from politicians and activists for aggressively avoiding paying billions more. Taxes are one of the largest expenses any company faces; paying less can mean higher earnings and, in turn, higher value for shareholders.

Business Source Premier. Mehan, C.. Department of the Treasury, Aug. Companies have to file tax returns that are in accordance with tax regulations and rules developed by the Internal Revenue Service IRS. The amounts reported under taxable income and financial income differs. These amounts are different because financial income is based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP which uses the accrual method to report revenues.

Example Investments Under Section 80C i. Under Section 80CCD i. Hiding or not reporting cash transactions, or hiding money in offshore accounts etc. Taking legitimate tax deductions to minimize business expenses and lower your business tax bill. Taking tax credits for spending money for legitimate purposes etc.

Tax Avoidance

John R. The Accounting Review 1 May ; 89 3 : — We analyze survey responses from nearly corporate tax executives to investigate firms' incentives and disincentives for tax planning. While many researchers hypothesize that reputational concerns affect the degree to which managers engage in tax planning, this hypothesis is difficult to test with archival data. Our survey allows us to investigate reputational influences and, indeed, we find that reputational concerns are important—69 percent of executives rate reputation as important and the factor ranks second in order of importance among all factors explaining why firms do not adopt a potential tax planning strategy.

Set up your overseas company online. If you own a business, you generally have the right to organize it in a way that ensures you pay no more taxes than necessary. This strategy, known as tax avoidance, involves using legal means to reduce taxes. It is not the same thing as tax evasion , which is the practice of violating your country's laws and paying less than the minimum amount of taxes.

The problem with Tax-Planning - Avoidance or Evasion

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Multinationals are accused of not paying their fair share of taxes. Apparently, acting within the limits set by law is not sufficient to qualify as morally responsible behavior anymore. This article offers ethical reflection on the current debate. The general public typically evaluates aggressive tax planning in moral terms rather than legal terms. Therefore, multinationals need to reflect on their tax planning strategy next to economic and legal terms also in ethical terms. This article addresses the relationship between society, morality and taxes.

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Society expects companies to take into account the economic, environmental, and social effects of their operations and activities. The concept of corporate social responsibility CSR refers to the operations or actions of companies that are above or independent of the limits or minimum requirements set by legislation. The economic purpose of a company and its responsibilities towards shareholders and debtors, first and foremost, is a natural starting point in reviewing the responsibilities. Also other stakeholders such as employers or public entities as tax collectors have economic requirements and expectations. Responsibility in the context of tax issues has become the topic of greater attention, with a number of stakeholder groups actively reviewing the approaches that companies take to their tax strategies and tax planning activities. In this article CSR is reviewed especially in the context of taxation. Does CSR have any significance and importance in the context of tax law and especially income taxation?

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This paper aims to examine the impact of corporate tax planning TP on tax disclosure TD. Using tax expenses data set, with the detailed effective tax rate ETR by reconciling individual items of income and expenses. A firm-level panel data set is used to analyse non-financial listed companies on Bursa Malaysia that spans the period Multivariate statistical analyses were run on the sample data.

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Example Investments Under Section 80C i. Under Section 80CCD i. Hiding or not reporting cash transactions, or hiding money in offshore accounts etc.

Arif, A. Governance and the value of tax avoidance: Preliminary evidence. Ariffin, Z.

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