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The soft power concept has recently witnessed extensive application in international relations IR research focused on sport. In the s, Taylor cautioned that sports and IR research had mutually neglected each other. In the s, Houlihan finally succeeded in laying down the theoretical premises of the field, in his pioneering study on Sport and International Politics.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book discusses the question of soft power and public diplomacy challenges in East Asian context.

Public Diplomacy and Soft Power in East Asia

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Soft power is the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes one wants through attraction rather than coercion or payment. A country's soft power rests on its resources of culture, values, and policies. A smart power strategy combines hard and soft power resources. Public diplomacy has a long history as a means of promoting a country's soft power and was essential in winning the cold war.

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US politicians who liked to say America was the country everyone loves to criticize and everyone wants to migrate to now asked, "Where has the US gone wrong? Nye had been developing the idea at Harvard University since , but for most Americans, soft power was a radically new concept. Nye proposed attracting other states through diplomacy, rather than coercing them with force or buying their compliance with sanctions, money or weapons. The discourse on soft power quickly took off and spread around the world, proving translatable into many languages, including Chinese. In , President Hu Jintao urged his country to increase its deployment of soft power, which it successfully did at the Beijing Olympics, though perhaps less so du. Faced with two irreconcilable opposites, war-fighting and soft power, the United States under President Barack Obama came up with a compromise concept, smart power, which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted with alacrity. What appears to attract both the State Department and the Pentagon to smart power is that while it promotes Internet freedom and human rights, it can also be used to embarrass, isolate or overthrow selected regimes without putting any, or many, US boots on the ground.

Soft power is the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes one wants Article Information, PDF download for Public Diplomacy and Soft Power, Open epub.

Public Diplomacy and Soft Power in East Asia

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The Limits of Soft Power-Sports Diplomacy Templates in IR Research

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    Joseph S. Nye Jr. is a distinguished service professor and former dean of Harvard's Kennedy School of. Government. He received his bachelor's degree summa.

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