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Gustavo V. Barat, Walter E.

Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing - Weebly

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Sabyasachi Mishra. Kambhampati Vivek. Suranjoy Singh. Soberly Mohanty. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. These fruits and vegetable have been considered as a wholesome, convenient and ready to use products which offer high nutrition to the consumers. Fresh produce is subjected to packaging or bagging after thorough washing, peeling and slicing Lamikanra, India has become the second largest producer of fruits and vegetable with India is a front-runner in mango, papaya, banana, guava, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, okra and ginger.

It is suitable for cultivation of wide varieties of fruits and vegetable, i. But the major interest is shown on some most prominent fruits and vegetable which include mango, banana, papaya, pomegranate, brinjal, tomato, cauliflower, chilli, cabbage, onions, potatoes, peas and some green leafy vegetable.

Among 70 types of vegetable, potato stands at the first position in production and is the major cultivated vegetable followed by onion, tomato and brinjal Rais and Sheoran, They have high levels of macro and micro-nutrients which include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fibres, minerals and vitamins Abadias et al. High consumption of fruits and vegetable as a part of the daily diet can significantly lower the risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease CVD , reduces blood pressure, skin diseases, stroke, cancer etc.

Vecchia, ;Pomerleau et al. Fruits and vegetable consumption during childhood has fascinating health benefits than in consumption during adulthood Krebs-Smith et al. The accessibility and consumption of fruits and vegetable are high when they are in the form of readily available and convenient for eating. Ready to eat RTE pieces of apples, had a major influence on food consumption pattern for both children and adults Cullen et al. Ragaert et al. There has been an increasing trend towards the use of fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetable in the market.

Generally, fresh produce is cleaned, sanitised, trimmed, sliced or diced, packaged and refrigerated. Consumers always demand safe and quality food products that are well packaged and distributed with fresh appearance.

Various factors like temperature, pH, water activity, redox potential and incorporation of additives in preserving fresh produce are important and also play a crucial role in improving and keeping the quality of fresh and minimally processed products. Techniques like effective packaging also increase the storage life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetable by retaining high nutritional value, thus ensuring an excellent eating quality of food products.

Therefore, the main objectives of this paper are to present the important aspects, preservative techniques which can be adopted for enhancing the storage life and reducing the wastage of the fresh-cut fruits and vegetable products without or minimal loss in nutritional quality of the fresh produce.

The time between harvesting and processing also has an impact on the quality of fruits and vegetable. Also, fruit and vegetable get in contact with soil which can contaminate human pathogenic microbes such as Salmonella, Shigella,Enterobacter,E. There are some other factors such as a good packaging, speed of cooling, optimum RH, storage temperature and sanitation procedure help to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetable.

Good knowledge of the texture of fruits is necessary as this is the major responsible factor for product damage or physical injury of product mainly during transportation.

There are some sensorial characteristics like flavour that also comes under the quality of the produce because the flavour is influenced by sugar sweetness , organic acid acidity , phenolic compounds astringency and volatiles aroma. General postharvest unit operations retain the quality of the fruit and are mentioned below.

Secondly, after peeling, cutting and shredding, washing can be carried out to remove microbes and tissue fluids. Chemicals like sodium hypochlorite solution, potassium meta bisulphate etc. Sanitizer like ultrasound should be used for reducing microbial count during washing and storage Vivek et al.

There are many challenges to food industries to reduce the chemical mix in water which is environmentally harmful. A technique able to disinfect efficiently both the processed water and the product would allow a high ratio of recycling and therefore reduce the wastewater rates with less impact on the environment.

Fruits and vegetable undergo several unit operations like peeling, cutting and shredding to avoid spoilage. Fruits like apples, kiwi etc. Various peeling techniques are available, among them hand peeling i. But dull knife used during cutting and peeling of fresh fruits and vegetable leads to quality loss i.

O'Beirne , reported that rotating-blade used during cutting of lettuce results in less damage of tissues than the sharp stationery blade. If the fruits are not harvested with optimum maturity stage, then the damage of tissues take place during cutting. Cutting and shredding involve various tools to get the homogeneous shape and size of the product. However, in industry, mechanical peeling is normally accomplished by different machines which include rotating carborundum drums, drum washers, and high-pressure steam peelers Wiley, Especially, the vegetable have a pH near neutrality which gives microorganisms an ideal condition to multiply.

The inner surface flesh of the product gets exposed during peeling, cutting and shredding, hence there are higher possibilities of contamination with bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Fresh fruits are also infected by some pathogens like Escherichia coli O H7 spinach, lettuce , S. Newport tomatoes, S. Typhimurium tomatoes, lettuce , S. Thompson rocket and Hepatitis A spring onion Heaton and Jones, Some of the factors which are responsible for the deterioration of fruits and vegetable includes;i. The moisture content of the product.

Relative humidity of the environment. Product temperature, environment temperature and heat of respiration of the produce. Physical, mechanical and physiological damages. The decay of microorganisms e. These products when exposed to heat during storage increases the biological activity due to ethylene formation.

Synthesis and production of ethylene are enhanced during different stages of plant growth, as well as by various biotic and abiotic stresses Saltveit, Some of the major stress-induced ethylene production leads to chilling injury and wounding which may cause chlorophyll loss and yellowing of leafy vegetable and green stems.

To control or minimise ethylene production during storage of fresh fruit and vegetable, chemicals such as aminoethyoxyvinylglycine, higher calcium, 1methylcyclopropene, aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid and aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid oxidase are used Watkins, Respiration rateRespiration is the process by which a plant takes in oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide. Fruits and vegetable respire both in the field and after harvest.

Respiration leads to oxidative metabolism which in turn results in the change of various physicochemical behaviours of these products Day, The oxygen present in the atmospheric air leads to the breakdown of carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water which in turn produces energy in the form of heat. Wounds such as cutting, peeling and trimming etc. The respiration rate was double for an Irish carrot using abrasion peeling method as compared to that of the hand-peeled method for both fine and coarse carrots O'Beirne, Therefore, temperature management is very important for reducing biological reaction and wounding.

On every 10 o C decreases in temperature, the metabolic or biological reaction can be reduced up to two to three times Brecht, He also reported that cold water 0 o C could be used for washing at the harvesting location to remove the field heat evolves from freshly harvested fruits and vegetable and hence decreases respiration rate.

Maintaining low temperatures conditions during transportation and storage can slow down the ripening process of fruits, decreases the metabolic processes, deterioration and production of ethylene. Higher temperature o C processing with short treatment time is useful for denaturation of enzyme and metabolism disruption in freshly harvest fruits and vegetable, but it may lead to physiological injury for longer treatment time Kader and Mical, Environmental O2 and CO2 concentrationThe concentration of O2 has a significant effect on fresh-cut fruits and vegetable regarding the loss in colour and firmness.

Higher concentration of O2 around and within the fruits and vegetable can also lead to enhancement of free radicals resulting in damage of plant tissues Fridovich, due to oxidation.

This may also create a favourable condition for the occurrence of fermentation by giving undesirable flavour and aroma to the fresh cut fruits. The oxygen concentration has a greater significance effect on fresh-cut fruits and vegetable than CO2 concentration. Gram-negative bacteria and fungi are very sensitive to carbon dioxide but anaerobic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are highly immune to CO2 Cantwell and Suslow, Increasing CO2 concentration results in the decrease in respiration which leads to minimizing browning and microbial growth on some fresh cut fruits and vegetable Kader, Therefore, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration level in the surrounding environment should be at a significant level for fresh-cut fruit and vegetable.

Browning and its control in fruits and vegetableBrowning is a quality problem which causes a poor appearance of fresh produce. It can be categorized into two, i. Some examples are found in peeled and sliced fruits and vegetable such as apple and potato which colour changes to brown due to enzymes like polyphenol and peroxidase etc. The phenolic compounds are oxidised by these enzymes resulting in colour change. This type of browning is called enzymatic browning.

Other enzymes like phenylalanine ammonia-lyase PAL are also responsible for browning. Fujita et al. Non-enzymatic browning appears upon heating or storage after processing of foods.

Washing with water is not an efficient way to prevent colour change Mattila, Enzymatic browning can be delayed or may be prevented using other chemicals like 4-hexylresorcinol, benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, calcium treatments, citric acid, ascorbic acid, citric acid combined with ascorbic acid, alone or in combination with potassium sorbate etc.

By minimally processing, products shelf life can be increased up to 5 to 7 days when stored at 4 o C maintaining the nutritional and sensory qualities of the products Cliffe-Byrnes and O' Beirne, Several countries are adopting specialised packaging, minimal processing and natural preservation techniques for fruits and vegetable due to the growing consumer demand for "fresh-like" fruits of high quality.

Minimally processed foods are highly susceptible to the growth of microorganisms because most of the fruits and vegetable have low acid, high water activity and many cut portion Ahvenainen et al. Due to this reason, minimally processed fruits and vegetable products must be processed and stored at a low temperature to achieve a longer storage life and ensure microbial safety.

Advances in edible coatings for fresh fruits and vegetables: a review

Advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology Dec 10, Posted By Hermann Hesse Ltd TEXT ID ddd Online PDF Ebook Epub Library fresh cut products are therefore required to meet the present day growing consumer advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology. Cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology nov 27 posted by judith krantz publishing text id e online pdf ebook epub library. Advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology Nov 26, Posted By Rex Stout Ltd TEXT ID e Online PDF Ebook Epub Library fresh vegetables depends on their degree advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology oct 28 posted by danielle steel public. Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing - Weebly. Preservation of fresh cut fruits and vegetables the best food preservation methods for fresh vegetables depends on their degree advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology Nov 27, Posted By Edgar Rice Burroughs Publishing. Advances in fresh cut fruits and vegetables processing food preservation technology nov 22 posted by richard scarry media text id online pdf ebook epub library publication covers the significant trends in modern food processing drawbacks and its hygiene food preservation etcthe journal provides a unique platform. Curious about year-round gardening?

Edible coatings are an environmentally friendly technology that is applied on many products to control moisture transfer, gas exchange or oxidation processes. Edible coatings can provide an additional protective coating to produce and can also give the same effect as modified atmosphere storage in modifying internal gas composition. One major advantage of using edible films and coatings is that several active ingredients can be incorporated into the polymer matrix and consumed with the food, thus enhancing safety or even nutritional and sensory attributes. But, in some cases, edible coatings were not successful. The success of edible coatings for fresh products totally depends on the control of internal gas composition. Quality criteria for fruits and vegetables coated with edible films must be determined carefully and the quality parameters must be monitored throughout the storage period.

Advances In Fresh Cut Fruits And Vegetables Processing Food Preservation Technology

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Search this site. Advances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing by Olga Martin-Belloso Synopsis: Despite a worldwide increase in demand for fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, in many countries these products are prepared in uncontrolled conditions and have the potential to pose substantial risk for consumers. Correspondingly, researchers have ramped up efforts to provide adequate technologies and practices to assure product safety while keeping nutritional and sensory properties intact.

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