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We know that the diode allows electric current in one direction and blocks electric current in another direction. In other words, the diode converts the AC current in to DC current. This unique behavior of the diodes makes it possible to build different types of rectifiers such as half wave , full wave and bridge rectifiers.

The term SCR stands for silicon controlled rectifier which is one of the most important members of the thyristor family. SCRs are constructed from silicon and are most commonly used for converting AC current to DC current rectification , hence the name Silicon controlled rectifier. They are also used in other applications such as regulation of power, inversion, etc.

Silicon controlled rectifier

A silicon controlled rectifier or semiconductor controlled rectifier is a four-layer solid-state current -controlling device. The principle of four-layer p—n—p—n switching was developed by Moll, Tanenbaum, Goldey and Holonyak of Bell Laboratories in Mackintosh of Bell Laboratories in January Some sources define silicon-controlled rectifiers and thyristors as synonymous, [5] other sources define silicon-controlled rectifiers as a proper subset of the set of thyristors, those [ which? SCRs are unidirectional devices i. SCRs can be triggered normally only by a positive current going into the gate as opposed to TRIACs, which can be triggered normally by either a positive or a negative current applied to its gate electrode. In this case junction J1 and J3 are forward-biased, while J2 is reverse-biased, allowing only a small leakage current from the anode to the cathode.

These are the four-layered semiconductor devices where three terminals are known as the anode, the cathode, and the gate. Based on the triggering applied at the gate the device can be treated as a switch or used as a rectifier. These SCRs are unfit for amplifications. SCRs are responsible for conducting the flow of current in a single direction. Hence it is also a unidirectional device.

Silicon Controlled Rectifier

Shockley diodes are curious devices, but rather limited in application. Their usefulness may be expanded, however, by equipping them with another means of latching. The progression from Shockley diode to SCR is achieved with one small addition, actually nothing more than a third wire connection to the existing PNPN structure: Figure below. It may be latched by breakover voltage or by exceeding the critical rate of voltage rise between anode and cathode, just as with the Shockley diode. Dropout is accomplished by reducing current until one or both internal transistors fall into cutoff mode, also like the Shockley diode. However, because the gate terminal connects directly to the base of the lower transistor, it may be used as an alternative means to latch the SCR.

SCR can be used for different applications like rectification, regulation of power and inversion, etc. Like a diode, SCR is a unidirectional device that allows the current in one direction and opposes in another direction. SCR is a three terminal device; anode, cathode and gate as shown in figure. This results in varying the average power delivered at the load , by varying the ON periods of the SCR. It can handle several thousands of voltages and currents.

It is the curve between anode-cathode voltage V and anode current I of an SCR at constant gate current. Please subscribe to Electronics Post Channel if you like my tutorials. When anode is positive w. In fig. If the supply voltage is increased from zero, a point reached point A when the SCR starts conducting. If proper gate current is made to flow, SCR can close at much smaller supply voltage.

Construction. As shown in figure 1 it is a four The “forward characteristics” of SCR may be obtained using the figure 3. The volt-ampere characteristics of a.

The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

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Silicon controlled rectifier

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V-I Characteristics of SCR Explained In Detail

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