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Process Planning and Cost Estimation are two very important and vital parts of any industry or business, either for the public sector or private organization. A process is a set of activities that are carried out in a sequence to reach a goal or target or to obtain the desired product. Any miscalculation in the planning of these processes may lead to some loss in terms of money, manpower, time or sometimes even loss of life. Cost estimation is equally important as process planning.

Cost Estimation and Conceptual Process Planning

What is meant by Work Study? What is meant by Method Study? What is Process Charts? What is multiple activity charts? What are therbligs? Where string diagram is used? What is travel chart? What is meant by work measurement? What are the techniques of work measurement? Define performance rating? What is allowance? What do you mean by standard time? How do you calculate the standard time? What is meant by ergonomics? State some application of ergonomics? Part-B 16 Marks 1. Define the terms 'work study', 'method study' and 'work measurement'.

Also brieflyexplain how use of work study leads to higher productivity in a manufacturing unit. List the objectives, purpose, and scope of work study. What are the various symbols of process chart?

Write and explain briefly. Differentiate between i Outline process chart and flow process chart. Differentiate between i Cyclegraph and chronocyclegraph 5 ii Travel chart and string diagram 5 iii Flow process chart and flow diagram 6 8. Give any five therbligs with symbols 16 9. List the principles of motion economy as applied to: i The use of human body, 5 ii Arrangement of work place, and 5 iii Design of tool and equipment 6 Define work measurement and state its objectives.

Define time study List down the various steps in conducting a stop watch time study. Why the job is divided into elements? State the general rules to be followed whilebreaking the job into elements.

Explain the difference between: i Observed time and normal time. Write short notes on performance rating and allowances. Describe the objectives of the study of ergonomics. Discuss the importance of ergonomics by mentioning various areas of application. Write short notes on: ij Design of man-machine systems, and 8 ii Design of working environment.

Write a brief about the following: i Ergonomic display designs, 6 ii Ergonomic design of controls, and 6 iii Optimal use of physical efforts. What is meant by process planning? What are the factors affect process planning? What are the reasons for process documentation? State the general approaches to process planning? What is CAPP? What are the advantages of CAPP? What is Flow Chart? What are the disadvantages of flow charts? What is decision table? State the benefits of decision table?

What are the tools for acquiring documentation knowledge? Explain the technological framework of process by using a block diagram. List the information required for process planning. What are the factors that influence process planning? Explain in detail the process planning activities. Explain the two approaches commonly used in CAPP system bringing out theiradvantages and limitations.

Compare and contrast the features of a variant and generative CAPP systems. Write short notes on 'tools for developing manufacturing logic and knowledge'. What are the advantages and limitations of using? What factor should be considered while selecting the best process planningsystem? What are the types of Estimation? What are the methods of Estimation? State the importance of realistic estimates. What is design cost? What is labour cost?

What do you mean by overhead cost? Define costing. What are the methods of costing? What is direct cost? List the functions of estimating. Explain the type of cost estimates, that are used in estimating. List and discuss the different methods of cost estimating. List the various data required to make a cost estimate List the various types and sources of data required by the cost estimator.

Describe the various constituents of estimation. What shall be the effects of the following on an enterprise? Explain the procedure followed for estimating the cost of an industrial product. Explain in detail the procedure for estimating the cost of water supply fitting inresidential building.

What are the elements of cost? What are the types of cost? What is meant by direct material? What are the types of direct material? State some examples for direct material.

What is meant by indirect material? Who are called direct labour? State some examples for direct labour? Who are called indirect labour? What is meant by factory on cost?

Defining selling expenses. What is total cost? What is ladder of cost? List few items ofoverhead expenses in a factory. What items of expenditure are included in administrative overheads? Describe in brief: i Selling expenses, 8 ii Distribution expenses. List various components of cost Explain the terms prime cost, factory cost, total cost and selling price.

Show therelationship between various components of cost with the help of a block diagram. Describe with a block diagram how the selling price of a product is arrived at? Illustrate the relationship between 'elements of cost' and 'components of cost' withthe help of a block diagram. Write down the step by step procedure for estimating the direct materials cost?

Briefly explain all the factors to be considered while calculating the time requiredfor a particular job.

Define the following terms: i Set up time, 4 ii Handling time, 4 iii Machining time, and , 4 iv Tear down time. What are the various time allowances which should be considered for calculatinglabour cost? Write short notes on: i Personal allowance, 8 ii Contingency allowance.


Save extra with 2 Offers. This text consists of 11 chapters covering concepts and techniques of process planning and cost estimation. The text is supported by well-labelled diagrams and case studies. The book contains solved problems that facilitates students to understand the concepts quickly. At the end of each chapter, theoretical questions and applicable numerical problems are given to test the understanding of the readers. Includes classification and coding systems with fitting examples Contains a complete account of work study Provides detailed coverage of process planning Gives formulas of mensuration for material cost estimation Introduces different manufacturing processes in relevant chapters.

Process Planning and Cost Estimation - ME8793

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Process Planning and Cost Estimation

What is meant by Work Study? What is meant by Method Study?

cost estimation pdf

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Process Planning, Cost Estimation and Costing are the critical factors for the continued success of manufacturing enterprises. The world is an international market place. For a manufacturing company to be competitive in the international market place, process planning must be logical, rational, economical and costs of products, sub-assemblies and components must be accurately estimated, in order to secure business; its costing must also be accurate, to correctly determine the profitability of the various products manufactured. Our engineering students are required to learn these concepts in the early stages of their professional career so that they become aware of the cost implications of any decision: engineering, technology or management, they take.

It is a valuable asset for entrepreneurs, training managers of various mechanical workshops and diploma students. This book is an attempt to provide all necessary information about process planning and cost estimation. Various complex topics have been discussed point wise and supported by practical example problems. Important review questions from the point of view of examination have been added at the end. The subject matter has been presented in a simple and systematic way with numerous diagrams and illustrations so as to enable thorough understanding of the topics. The reason is the electronic devices divert your attention and also cause strains while reading eBooks.

[PDF] ME Process Planning and Cost Estimation (PPCE) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions, Question Bank​.

Process Planning and Cost Estimation

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Process Planning and Cost Estimation - ME8793

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