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Spring and All [By the road to the contagious hospital]

Spring and All is a hybrid work consisting of alternating sections of prose and free verse. It might best be understood as a manifesto of the imagination. The prose passages are a dramatic, energetic and often cryptic series of statements about the ways in which language can be renewed in such a way that it does not describe the world but recreates it. These passages are interspersed with poems that demonstrate this recreation in both their form and content. The former, which opens "By the road to the contagious hospital", is commonly known by the title "Spring and All", and the latter is generally known as " The Red Wheelbarrow ".

William Carlos Williams

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The poet, as was his custom, did not structure this piece through a rhyme scheme or pattern of meter. Instead, the free-verse poem is driven through its simple but vibrant images. It does not take hours of analysis to understand what the poet was wanting to accomplish here. Additionally important to the poem is the historical context in which it was written. This meant that the world was just emerging from years of fighting and a promise of a new, more peaceful future was around the corner.

Spring and All

When D. Language is therefore mutable, in that English words have to be grafted onto a new land. However they are also mutable insofar as they are very often silenced and hesitant. The poetry born in such a land is wild and wanders outside the confines of the Old World.

The only other information given is vague, and when speaker says that "so much depends upon" this wheelbarrow, the reader likely wonders, " What depends it, exactly? However, this does not suggest that the poem lacks meaning. From the attention paid to the image of the wheelbarrow, it is possible that the speaker is observing and appreciating the everyday necessity of manual labor—or even commenting on humankind's relationship with nature.

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Spring and all

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William Carlos Williams-Spring and All (1923 Facsimile).pdf

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    LES. THE COLLECTED POEMS OF WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS at rather, the whole world is between: Yesterday, tomorrow, Europe, Asia,. Africa,-all things removed and impossible, the tower of the church at Seville SPRING AND ALL So then-Nothing is put down in the present book-except through.

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