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The attributes of God are specific characteristics of God discussed in Christian theology.

What is Christian doctrine? Christian doctrines begin as interpretations of the Bible. Throughout the history of the church, Christians have preserved what they believe the Bible teaches. We hope you find that these historic teachings not only broaden your understanding of Christianity but also deepen your love of God.

The Incommunicable Attributes of God

What is Christian doctrine? Christian doctrines begin as interpretations of the Bible. Throughout the history of the church, Christians have preserved what they believe the Bible teaches. We hope you find that these historic teachings not only broaden your understanding of Christianity but also deepen your love of God. God is the Supreme Being of the universe. Since God is sovereign, we cannot praise ourselves for our salvation.

Indeed, everything in our lives is a gift from God. Look at the life of King David. Our believing God is sovereign gives us confidence that all things in our lives will work for good, despite our suffering. God is the most powerful Being in all existence, able to accomplish his will, though unwilling to do anything contrary to his nature. We have a divine helper who enables us to persevere. Our believing God is omnipotent gives us strength, for we are not alone in our weakness.

God knows everything of the past, present, and future. God knows everything actual and potential. Not only does God know all things; God also cares about everything and everyone. Our believing God is omniscient assures us that God knows us and loves us.

God is always present in all places. But God is not in all things , a concept called pantheism. Christian theology has traditionally asserted that the person of God and the nature of created things are distinct: God is not in a tree or in a drop of water. Biblically speaking, we are all created in the image of God, but we are not little gods.

Or where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there; if I make my bed in Sheol, you are there. Our believing God is omnipresent gives us the joy that God is with us always.

God transcends all creation and is unknowable apart from his self-initiated revelation. The first words of the Bible record that the transcendent God created the heavens and the earth, which is described as a formless void covered by darkness.

God stands above and outside creation. And all that God creates is good. Our believing God is transcendent gives us the understanding that our Creator is not limited by the natural laws of this world.

God can do miracles. God is active in this world and in our daily lives. God cares about every aspect of our existence and invites us to welcome his guidance, grace, and love. Jesus, the very person of God, walked on this earth. Our believing God is immanent in this world gives us assurance that God is with us, despite the evils and sufferings we see in daily life. God is complete and perfect. Therefore, God does not need to mature or grow better at being God.

Our believing God is immutable gives us the certainty that our world is essentially meaningful, for God is unchanging in his person and will not act unjustly. God is unlimited. We are created with great potential for growth, individually and in community. Our believing God is infinite gives us faith that our lives have a larger purpose than our years on earth. God is not confined to three-dimensional space or time.

God never had a beginning; God will never have an end. They will perish, but you endure; they will all wear out like a garment. Since we are created in the image of the infinite God, we have an eternal destiny.

Our believing God is eternal gives us eternal hope. These Incommunicable Attributes of God give us a biblical notion of the divine Being we worship as Christians and help us discern between the biblical God and the idols of this world. Image by Laura Li-Barbour. Find a Chapter. Study the Bible. Skip to main content. July 24, Blog Categories:. How can you say this in light of the situation the world is in today.

A sound understanding of Christian doctrine is more important than ever before. When we have people who claim to be Christian but can not even explain the basic beliefs, I believe we need Theologians and Pastors to spend more time on the basic Doctrine of God and less on the social aspects of the church.

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incommunicable attributes of god pdf

Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, infinity, self-existence aseity —these are some of the incommunicable attributes of God, those attributes of our Creator that He does not share with His creatures. However, the Lord also has communicable attributes, or attributes that He does share with human beings to at least some degree. We are like God in ways that nothing else in creation is like God, although we are not so like Him that there is no distinction between Creator and creature. In one sense, we must not forget that there is a basic incommunicability of even these attributes, for insofar as such things as the love and goodness of God are infinite, we cannot imitate them. For example, the kind of love we have as creatures is not identical to the kind of love our Creator possesses. However, at the same time, our love is not wholly dissimilar, such that there is no point of contact whatsoever with the love of God. Our Creator loves truly that which is lovely.

God made us in His image Genesis , which means He imprinted upon us several of His attributes. Yet, God did not endow humans with all of His characteristics. This sets us apart from the beasts of the field and the birds of the air Genesis Yet, God did not endow humans with all of His characteristics, hence why man stands at a lower rank than even the angels Hebrews Before we dive into this, we do have to understand that if we share attributes with God, we do not share the full extent of them.

Communicable Attributes (Belong to God & can be reflected in us via the Holy Spirit). HOLINESS: “Your ways, O God, are holy” (Ps. ; cf. Isa. ;

incommunicable attributes of god pdf

Intellectual Attributes a. Attributes of God An attribute is a characteristic. God has no beginning and no ending. It is customary to distinguish between incommunicable and communicable attributes. Historian's Who Wrote About Jesus.

Attributes of God in Christianity

Question: "What are the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God? If something is communicable, it is able to be communicated or transmitted to others. Incommunicable attributes of God are those attributes exclusive to Him.

Attributes of God - The Communicable and Incommunicable Characteristics

The incommunicable attributes of God are those that belong to God alone omniscience, transcendence, etc. God is, after all, infinite in his perfections. Though we can understand the concept of omnipresence, we cannot experience it. We can understand the concept of transcendence, but we cannot experience it. Therefore, our understanding of God and his attributes is woefully insufficient.

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Incommunicable attributes belong to God alone, where communicable attributes can be shared by humans. This distinction is very important.

The Incommunicable Attributes of God

Scriptures on the Attributes of God

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