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Compassionate Warfare, a Hard Promise to Keep: COIN in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Although considerable security, political, and economic progress has been made in Afghanistan, much remains to be done to attain long-term stability and extinguish the Taliban insurgency. In this respect, while the conflict in Afghanistan is no longer consistently in the public eye, it remains of great importance to the United States. Going forward, U. Approximately 10, U. The two-decades-long war that followed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan had resulted in the comprehensive destruction of its state institutions, armed forces, and national economy. Today, the Afghan state has been reconstituted, Afghan security forces have once again become a national institution, and the economy continues to enable human development improvements while experiencing slow but positive growth.

Luck Egalitarianism Stanford Luck egalitarianism is a family of egalitarian theories of distributive justice that aim to counteract the. Egalitarianism is closely connected with individualism. Focusing on the last of these components, I distinguish between three different conceptions of global luck egalitarianism, and then compare and contrast the third conception, which I call interpretive global luck egalitarianism, with the theories of international justice defended by Beitz and Rawls. Anderson;51 for critical responses, cf. The resource egalitarian contends that welfare egalitarianism, if taken seriously, could require virtually unlimited redistribution from the nondisabled to the disabled, in order to bring the disabled as close as possible to equality of welfare with the nondisabled. What are the three broad categories that most contemporary proposals for desert-bases.

Luck Egalitarianism Stanford

The Center for Islam and Religious Freedom You may need to contact them directly to discuss internship possibilities. Locations in Brentwood and Malibu. Middle East studies majors frequently study in the region during the junior year to further language proficiency and develop research projects. These short-term placements give students the opportunity to gain experience in a particular laboratory or to learn a specific. Urban Lab: Middle East. To promote and develop the next generation of biomedical researchers, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID is committed to offering a broad spectrum of training opportunities to individuals from varying educational backgrounds, ranging from high school to postdoctoral level.

86 After the War: Nation-Building from FDR to George W. Bush Fukuyama, ed., Nation-Building: Beyond Afghanistan and Iraq, Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hop-.


A brick kitchen and one ancient barn huddled behind the dilapidated main house. It looked as though someone were slowly removing the walls and fences for firewood. Before we were soldiers, Hunter and I came over to watch a balloon ascent.

Much of my life over the last fifteen years has been devoted to two intertwined issues, the struggle against US state-sponsored torture and concerns regarding the appropriate ethical roles of those professional psychologists, known as operational psychologists, who act in furtherance of military and intelligence operations. These issues are intertwined because operational psychologists were central actors in the Bush-era torture program and are likely to play similar roles in future returns to torture. Great dollops of hypocrisy invariably accompany expressions of concern by outside powers for the wellbeing of the Syrian people.

Both the US and the UK expected the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan to be quick, using a classic, enemy-centric, military approach involving air strikes and special forces operations Benes, However, although the US military quickly overthrew the Taliban government in Kabul, insurgent activity grew and continued to do so in the following years Benes, In Iraq, ineffective policies of the post-war administration contributed to the collapse of state authority and insurgency increased Benes, Support for the invasions reduced as a result of the still present terrorist threat along with increasing numbers of casualties Benes,

The Strategic Quagmire: Why Nation Building in Afghanistan

Here are its main findings. The Trump administration appears keen to further reduce troop levels in Afghanistan, and for the Afghan government and Taliban to start formal negotiations. However, key security threats to the US and its allies in Afghanistan remain unresolved and a sustainable peace at this juncture is highly unlikely. Extremist groups across the ideological spectrum are capitalising on the uncertainty created by the pandemic. That is an ominous sign for both countries. India is reciprocating, but there are limits to what New Delhi can do.

The Kurds are the largest territorially concentrated ethnic group in the world without its own nation state. However, the Iraqi Kurdish population has been striving to establish its own political order for more than two decades and, in northern Iraq, a markedly developed de facto state has emerged. Iraqi Kurdistan has established a considerable degree of autonomy and domestic sovereignty, which is particularly impressive considering the current state of its parent state Iraq. This success is puzzling, when considered alongside the most prominent theory of state formation, which argues that it is war that makes states. War does not explain the Kurdish state-making process. Rather, it has been a major setback for the Iraqi Kurds after This suggests an alternative theory of state formation, which argues that social coalitions of key elites can account for successful state-building.

Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan to the east and south; Iran to the west; Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan , and Tajikistan to the north; and China to the northeast. Kabul is the capital and largest city. Humans lived in what is now Afghanistan at least 50, years ago. Alexander the Great invaded the region in the 4th century BCE, who married Roxana in Bactria before his Kabul Valley campaign , where he faced resistance from Aspasioi and Assakan tribes.

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