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Trade Unions are basically associations of workers and are formed with the aim of protecting the workers against exploitation by their employers and also improving their living conditions. Trade Union means a combination formed for the purpose of regulating the relations not only between workmen and employers but also between workmen and workmen or between employers and employers. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Trade Unions 2.

Objectives of Trade Union

A trade union or a labor union in American English , often simply called a union , is an organization of workers who have come together to achieve many common goals, such as protecting the integrity of their trade, improving safety standards, and attaining better wages, benefits such as vacation, health care, and retirement , and working conditions through the increased bargaining power wielded by the creation of a monopoly of the workers. Trade unions typically fund the formal organization, head office, and legal team functions of the trade union through regular fees or union dues. The delegate staff of the trade union representation in the workforce are made up of workplace volunteers who are appointed by members in democratic elections. The trade union, through an elected leadership and bargaining committee, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members rank and file members and negotiates labour contracts collective bargaining with employers. The most common purpose of these associations or unions is "maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment ".

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The failure of an individual worker to seek solutions to problems, while discharging his duties, personal as well as organizational, led worker to form a formal group which is identified at present as trade union. Thus a trade union is meant to conduct negotiation on behalf of individual workers in respect of several items. However, trade unions specifically concentrate their attention to achieve the following objectives: 1. Wages and salaries: the subject which drew the attention of trade union is wages and salaries. Of course, this item may be related to policy matters.

Trade union , also called labour union , association of workers in a particular trade, industry, or company created for the purpose of securing improvements in pay, benefits, working conditions, or social and political status through collective bargaining. As an organized movement, trade unionism also called organized labour originated in the 19th century in Great Britain , continental Europe, and the United States. In many countries trade unionism is synonymous with the term labour movement. Smaller associations of workers started appearing in Britain in the 18th century, but they remained sporadic and short-lived through most of the 19th century, in part because of the hostility they encountered from employers and government groups that resented this new form of political and economic activism. At that time unions and unionists were regularly prosecuted under various restraint-of-trade and conspiracy statutes in both Britain and the United States.

Objectives of Trade Union: The following are the objectives of trade union: (1) To improve the economic lot of workers by securing them better wages.

Introduction to trade unions

Skip to content. Find out about trade unions, including what they are and the benefits of being a trade union member. A trade union is an organisation made up of members a membership-based organisation and its membership must be made up mainly of workers.

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning and Definition of Trade Union 2. Objectives of Trade Union 3. Functions 4.

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Trade Union

Everything you need to know about the objectives of trade union. A trade union is a formal form of association of workers that promotes the harmonious relationship between employer and employees. The primary objective of trade unions is to promote and protect the interests of its members.

Trade Union: Meaning, Objectives and Benefits

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Objectives of Trade Union: · To improve the economic lot of workers by securing them better wages. · To secure for workers better working conditions. · To secure​.

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Trade Union
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