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Mike Simpson 0 Comments. The accounting field is very competitive. Not surprising, considering working as an accountant can be very lucrative.

Semester 3: Corporate Accounting or Advanced Accounting

Breaking News. Fill in the Blanks:. Companies cannot issue deferred shares. False as per Companies Act, False, 2 Buy-back of shares can also be made out of the proceeds of the earlier issues of the same kind of shares.

Seshadripuram College 2016 B.Com Sem 4 Advanced Corporate Accounting Question Paper PDF Download

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CORPORATE ACCOUNTING I. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. 1) The company formed by the special a) 68 b) 81 c) 62 d) none of these. ANSWERS. 1) c.

Corporate Accounting Solved Question Papers - May' 2018

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Corporate Accounting Solved Question Papers - May' 2018

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We provide complete corporate accounting notes. Corporate Accounting study material includes corporate accounting notes , corporate accounting book , courses, case study, corporate accounting syllabus , question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in corporate accounting pdf form. Corporate Accounting subject is included in B. Corporate Accounting Notes can be downloaded in corporate accounting pdf from the below article.

Corporate Accounting (PDF Notes)

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Breaking News. Course: Corporate Accounting. The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions. Full Marks: False, 2 Ans: a Reserve Capital: A company may by special resolution determine that any portion of its share capital which has not been already called up shall not be capable of being called-up, except in the event of winding up of the company. Such type of share capital is known as reserve-capital.

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