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Constitutionalism form the core of good government in the modern democratic world to check on the powers of the different organs of government and the protection of liberty and fundamental rights of individuals within that sovereign territory.

Most generally, it is "a complex of ideas, attitudes, and patterns of behavior elaborating the principle that the authority of government derives from and is limited by a body of fundamental law" Constitutionalism For genuine democracies, constitutions consist of overarching arrangements that determine the political, legal and social structures by which society is to be governed. Constitutional provisions are therefore considered to be paramount or fundamental law.

Constitutional Law, Constitutionalism and Democracy

A state cannot govern itself on an ad hoc basis without there being some norms to regulate its basic institution. There must be a predictable body of norms and rules from which the governmental organs must draw their power and functions. The purpose of having a Constitution is to have a framework of government which is likely to endure through vicissitudes of a nation. The Constitution of a country is a document that has its own legal sanctity; it could be any-written or unwritten. Constitution seeks to establish its fundamental or basic or apex organs of government and administration, describe their structure, composition, powers and principle functions, define the inter-relationship of these organs with one another, and regulate their relationship with the people, more particularly, the political relationship.

Constitution consists of arrangements that determine the political, legal and social structures by which the society is to be governed. Constitutional provisions are considered to be fundamental law. Constitutional law is supreme law in our country. If the constitutional law itself is inadequate then the rule of law and democracy of the country will be affected. The modern structure of India is divided into three organs i.

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Reshaping the British Constitution pp Cite as. Britain has been going through a phase of profound constitutional change in the wake of the measures enacted since in pursuance of the reform agenda of the Blair Government. In particular those closely involved in the politics of constitutional reform regularly assert the crucial importance of constitutional modernisation for the future prosperity and political harmony of the country. This stems in part from the fact that the British constitution is not to a large extent expressed in the categories of binding and potentially enforceable legal norms, but derives instead mainly from the continuing practices of institutions and the conclusions drawn from them. This confers upon it something of the elusiveness inherent in all traditional codes of behaviour as well as rendering it a highly political matter, so much so that it is often impossible to distinguish what purports to be a constitutional statement from what is in fact no more than an assertion of a passing political preference. It is precisely because there is so much uncertainty and ambiguity in talking about the British constitution that it is desirable to preface any study of what have so far been regarded as the principal features of that constitution and of the ways in which it is now being changed with some consideration of constitutions in general, of what is involved in having a constitution, and with that mode of thinking about the ordering of social life which has often been referred to as constitutionalism.

Constitutions and Constitutionalism

Both books involve top international law academics and are enormously valuable contributions to the field. The newfound interest in international constitutionalism raises many questions:. Of these various questions about constitutionalism — conceptual, explanatory, descriptive, normative, and meta — which do Klabbers, Peters and Ulfstein address? But this modest self-description notwithstanding, the book in fact has many things to say about the full range of issues concerning constitutionalism, even if not always explicitly. For example:.

The concepts of constitution and constitutionalism refer to the legal framework of a country. Constitutionalism recognizes the need of limiting concentration of power in order to protect the rights of groups and individuals. In such system, the power of the government can be limited by the constitution — and by the provisions and regulations contained in it — but also by other measures and norms.

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Constitution and Constitutionalism: The distinctive features of the Constitution

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Usage of Constitutionalism

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