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Explore a preview version of Electronic Design Automation right now. A presentation of state-of-the-art approaches from an industrial applications perspective, Communication Architectures for Systems-on-Chip shows professionals, ….

Electronic Design Automation

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book describes reliable and efficient design automation techniques for the design and implementation of an approximate computing system. The authors address the important facets of approximate computing hardware design - from formal verification and error guarantees to synthesis and test of approximation systems. They provide algorithms and methodologies based on classical formal verification, synthesis and test techniques for an approximate computing IC design flow. This is one of the first books in Approximate Computing that addresses the design automation aspects, aiming for not only sketching the possibility, but providing a comprehensive overview of different tasks and especially how they can be implemented.

Schedule [lecture notes are downloadable inside the campus, Spring ]. Wang, Chang, and Cheng Ed. Meil H. All the above electoric resources are available here. VCS Documents Simulation.

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超大规模集成电路设计优化 (VLSI Design Optimization)

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Electronic Design Automation: Synthesis, Verification, and Test. Edited by. Laung​-Terng Wang. Yao-Wen Chang. Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng. AMSTERDAM.

Electronic Design Automation: Synthesis, Verification, and Test

The design and optimization of integrated circuits ICs are essential to the production of new semiconductor chips. Modern chip design has become so complex that it is largely performed by specialized software, which is frequently updated to reflect improvements in semiconductor technologies and increasing design complexities. A user of this software needs a high-level understanding of the implemented algorithms. On the other hand, a developer of this software must have a strong computerscience background, including a keen understanding of how various algorithms operate and interact, and what their performance bottlenecks are.

Buy now. Delivery included to Germany. This book provides broad and comprehensive coverage of the entire EDA flow.

This book provides broad and comprehensive coverage of the entire EDA flow. Anyone who needs to learn the concepts, principles, data structures, algorithms, and architectures of the EDA flow will benefit from this book. Laung-Terng Wang, Ph.

Electronic Design Automation

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Electronic Design Automation: Synthesis, Verification, and Test

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