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Encouraging scholarship, strengthening faith identity, and interpreting contemporary issues in Baptist life.

Carson and Tim Keller. Many of you may know that this volume brings together the excellent Gospel Coalition Booklets into a single volume. One particularly helpful section highlights how a right understanding of these matters leads to a view of proclamation that balances humility and confidence. Yet in proclaiming our biblical message, we Christians should never set ourselves forward as the arbiters of truth. Even as we set forth Jesus Christ as the final and truest revelation of God, we do so only as servants of our hearers see 2 Cor.

The Baptist Faith and Message

Encouraging scholarship, strengthening faith identity, and interpreting contemporary issues in Baptist life. First approved in , and editorially revised in , this Confession of Faith called "The Baptist Faith and Message" has generally been considered adequate until now. Historically, Southern Baptists have had an aversion to creeds. In , only reluctantly after eighty years, in an effort to squelch a controversy, the SBC adopted its first statement of faith.

Basing it largely on the New Hampshire Confession of , the framers carefully pointed out that the statement was merely a "confession" of what most messengers at the annual meeting understood to be the general beliefs of Baptists. The preamble made clear in and again when minor editorial revisions were made in , that the statement was not intended to be a creed, nor was it to be used to enforce conformity of belief. Baptists say their only creed is the Bible, and until recently, they have defended tenaciously the privilege of every believer, with the illumination of the Holy Spirit, to interpret Scripture according to his or her own conscience.

This deeply engrained anti-creedal sentiment so characteristic of Baptists lies behind the negative reactions to the newly revised document. One Baptist editor describes the implied scenario behind this distrust:. Twenty-one years ago a master plan for the repositioning of the SBC would have looked something like this. Elect SBC presidents sympathetic to fiercely conservative principles. Appoint like-minded trustees to govern SBC institutions. Create a new SBC infrastructure that reflects a more conservative direction.

Reinforcing these suspicions is the fact that the revision committee was made up exclusively of those who are sympathetic with the new leadership.

In fact most were active in the effort to control and redirect the SBC. Positive Factors in the Revision. Certain positive elements in BFM should be acknowledged. Neither did the revisers insert more restrictive views of eschatology, such as dispensationalism, as some had feared. In the past, seminary professors who did not hold to dispensational eschatology were criticized as liberals and were cited as examples of why the take-over was necessary.

But, again, this was now not considered important enough to include. At the last minute, following growing criticism of its deletion, the committee did strengthen the document by reinserting a statement that Baptists honor the principles of soul competency and the priesthood of believers. The revised statement does reaffirm most historical Baptist convictions. It closes ranks and defines the new version of the SBC more specifically. If there remains any ambiguity about the future direction of the SBC under its current leadership, this document boldly clears the air.

Everyone can now tell what the new SBC is and what it will be. Editorial changes, such as the use of gender-inclusive language, improve the form of the statement. Troubling Factors in the Revision. Negative concerns about BFM seem to cluster around twelve issues:. The diminishing of the doctrines of soul competency and the priesthood of the believer. The trend toward creedalism. The diminishing of the doctrine of autonomy and freedom of the local church under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The trend toward Calvinism and mistrust of personal Christian experience. The trend shifting Baptist identity from its Anabaptist, free church tradition to a reformed evangelical identity. The narrow interpretation of the role of women in marriage. The narrow interpretation of the role of women in the church. The trend toward including a catalogue of specific sins.

The false accusation of neo-orthodoxy. The deletion of the Christocentric criterion for interpretation of Scripture. This faith is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.

Therefore, the sole authority for faith and practice among Baptists is Jesus Christ whose will is revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

This seems to many to be a serious rejection of a very important hermeneutical principle. Baptists and most evangelicals have valued what is called the theological principal of Biblical interpretation. This principle teaches that the Bible is a book of faith, not just history or philosophy. Therefore, the Bible cannot be fully understood from the outside by grammar, logic, rhetoric, and history alone. It must be understood from its center — Jesus Christ. This Biblical center yields itself best to those who have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and who are indwelt by the Spirit of God.

Because of this personal relationship with Jesus, the believer knows personally the author of Scripture and has the promise of illumination from the indwelling Christ. Through Him as a criterion, or standard, the Bible becomes unified, self-consistent and coherent. Therefore, we are to interpret the Old Testament and the rest of the Bible in the light of the life and teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, illuminated by our own direct experience with the living Christ.

It is through Jesus as the criterion that we interpret the Old Testament prophecies, the ceremonial, civil, dietary, and moral laws of the Old Testament. As Martin Luther insisted, the Bible is always to be understood from its center — its heart — its Christ. The intentional deletion of this Christological principal of Biblical interpretation is, to many, the most serious flaw in BFM Critics have responded:. But surely this crucial Christological principle treasured by Baptists over the years should not be abandoned just because some misguided interpreters are said to have abused it.

Jesus Christ is surely the center of Scripture as well as its Lord. Both E. He blames Mullins for steering the SBC off course by making personal Christian experience more important than Biblical authority. It is time to return to the founders of the SBC trained in the hardy doctrinal tradition of the Princeton theology. After growing criticism of this deletion, the following reinsertion was made less than an hour before the report was brought to the convention for approval:.

We honor the principles of soul competency and the priesthood of believers, affirming together both our liberty in Christ and our accountability to each other under the Word of God. While this change was welcomed by critics, it was soon discovered that the reinserted wording had been subtly changed. This in essence rejects the historical Baptist emphasis of the priesthood of each individual believer singular , replacing it with a more Reformed doctrine of the priesthood of believers plural.

But one Baptist editor countered:. The end result of these omissions, reinsertions, and changes seems to many to indicate a lack of appreciation for — even a rejection of two very important Baptist ideals. BFM deleted the following passage from BFM63 that was intended to protect the statement from becoming a creed to enforce doctrinal uniformity. By whom? For whom? Some say, these changes, along with the minimizing of local church autonomy number 4 above , show that the new SBC is in the process of becoming an authoritarian body that wants to legislate to local churches.

They fear this document will be used improperly to restrict representation on SBC committees and boards, and to judge orthodoxy in associations and local churches. Already, tensions have arisen in state conventions where efforts are being made to enforce compliance with the SBC by adopting BFM In a sense, such a procedure protects professors from unfounded accusations of heresy.

A teacher might have disagreements with the statement, but could agree nevertheless to teach in accordance with it. But now, after years, two quick revisions have been made in BFM. This unprecedented action raises two issues for SBC seminaries. First, should current teachers who were contracted to teach under the guidelines be forced to sign the and now the revisions?

It would seem illegal, at least unethical, to require such compliance. Other critics see in the BFM an apparent weakening of the historic conviction that each local Baptist congregation is free and autonomous under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. They have fiercely defended the right of every congregation to make its own decisions as they believe God leads them — even if others believe they are wrong. This does not mean that a local church can believe anything and still have the right to participate in associations or conventions.

Baptist conventions and associations are also autonomous and can set limits and criteria for participation. But to some, the BFM seems to signal a trend toward more authoritarian control — even if subtle and informal - over local congregations. Of concern also is the prohibition in BFM limiting who can be called to be the pastor of a local congregation.

This issue will be discussed further in number 7 below. T here are features in BFM that some believe give, for the first time, a distinct Calvinistic slant to the statement. Since Al Mohler, a leading shaper of BFM, claims to be a Calvinist, it is easy to suspect that some of the changes have more to do with Calvinistic theology than Baptist history.

It appears to be an effort to redirect SBC theology to what Mohler calls the Calvinism of the original founders of Southern Seminary - in contrast to the more balanced theology of E. Mullins and later seminary leaders. The difference is in how it is limited…. In the same meeting, Paige Patterson said he and Mohler hold opposing views on the doctrines of election and predestination and he in fact finds no Biblical basis for the position Mohler embraces.

One evidence of this Calvinist tone is the apparent mistrust of personal experience expressed in several of the revisions of BFM It prefers to think of the essence of Christianity as a set of unrevisable doctrinal propositions rather than a direct experience of grace, an encounter with the living Christ.

His analysis echoes the Calvinist preference for doctrinal propositions and its mistrust of personal Christian experience mentioned above. This mistrust of experience may have been one motive for revising BFM63 and to the minimizing of such doctrines as soul competency and the priesthood of the believer in BFM To suggest, however, E.

He said Christian experience must never be used to test the Scriptures. The experience of the Christian can at best only confirm them. It is to that source they look to in all matters relating to doctrine, to policy, to ordinances, to worship, and to Christian living. Many, maybe most, Baptists believe God could control everything and everybody, but chooses to be in charge rather than in control of everything all the time as strict Calvinists propose.

The Bible teaches that God often chooses to limit Himself in His relationship with the world.

Baptist Faith and Message

The committee's report says in part:. The report linked in its' entirety below seeks to "identify and affirm certain definite doctrines that Baptists believe, cherish, and with which they have been The Scriptures 2. God 3. Man 4. Salvation 5.

"I move that in your capacity as Southern Baptist Convention chairman, you appoint a blue ribbon committee to review the Baptist Faith and Message statement.

What We Believe

It summarizes key Southern Baptist thought in the areas of the Bible and its authority, the nature of God as expressed by the Trinity , the spiritual condition of man, God's plan of grace and salvation , the purpose of the local church, ordinances , evangelism , Christian education, interaction with society, religious liberty, and the family. Described as "the New Hampshire Confession of Faith [of ], revised at certain points, and with some additional articles growing out of present needs," it was intended as "a reaffirmation of Christian fundamentals," which was deemed necessary because of "the prevalence of naturalism in the modern teaching and preaching of religion. Hobbs , amended in with the addition of Section XVIII on The Family , and again revised in under the chairmanship of pastor-author and former three-time SBC President Adrian Rogers ; the revisions incorporated sociological as well as theological changes and were considered the most controversial. Each article or position is followed by Scripture which they use to support their position.

To ensure you receive the best experience on Lifeway. Shop All Bible Studies. Church Ordering. This study examines in detail the 18 doctrines outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message statement. Combining biblical insight with historical and contemporary illustrations, the authors help you understand essential Baptist beliefs, identify the biblical foundation for these beliefs, and apply the beliefs to your Christian walk.

The revision to the Baptist Faith and Message moves from a clear statement of imputed guilt to an ambiguous statement that can be interpreted multiple ways. The revision includes a statement on the corrupted environment being passed down, which was not included in the original. Further, the revision has clearly attempted to lessen the degree in which mankind is affected by the sin of Adam.

The session of the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, adopted the following motion addressed to the President of the Convention:.

Nathan A. Finn

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THE BAPTIST FAITH & MESSAGE Southern Baptist Convention > The Baptist Faith and Message uicheritagegarden.org 1 of 7.


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