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Technical Basketball Skills is the name for the individual fundamental skills involved in basketball. In general, the technical basketball skills are best thought of as everything that a player does in a one on one situation. Everything else such as 2 v 1, 2 v 2 or any other situation with multiple players involved is bundled into the category of tactical basketball skills. The technical basketball skills are often the focus of much time and effort when junior players are developing and then later linked and refined as the player matures.

Technical basketball skills can be broken down further into a number of different areas. Only some technical basketball skills will be highlighted in each area. These areas include:. Further to these areas more simple techniques like Running and Changing Direction while running are included.

Once the fundamental skills are introduced and perfected these then need to be practiced within specific situations like full court, perimeter, interior passing and passing into the post. Blended into this mix is the skill of Receiving a Pass that is always one of the most underrated and poorly performed basketball skills. Dribbling Fundamental Skills ; these skills are only associated with basketball.

Bouncing the ball to the new to basketball and a mandatory skill for the perimeter players. Any player once mastering the technique most move onto performing the skill under pressure and being economical with use of each dribble of the basketball. Shooting Fundamental Skills ; the technical basketball skills involved in shooting are some of the more desired by most players of any skill.

Go to any basketball court and you can see the majority of players practicing this skill more than any other when self-directed. Once the basics have been practiced, these skills need to be performed under pressure with players learning to ignore the defensive challenge and make their shot consistently.

Rebounding Technical Skills ; cover the one and only skill that is famed with winning championships. Again, this skill needs to be practiced in different situations. Free Throws , close range shots and long-range shots will all have some specific rebounding outcomes and must be practiced for the desired effect of rebounding proficiency. There are many more skills in this area and all need to be constantly practiced and refined to meet the demands of the level of competition. It is important to remember that in practicing these skills that the better the defence, the more the offense will be pushed to improve.

The development of these technical basketball skills mirror the development of the offensive skills. Therefore, these skills are best practiced against well-refined offensive skills. With all fundamental skills, they need to be introduced in full. That means none of the technical basketball skills should be missed in being practiced by juniors, or taught by coaches. Players as they mature will master specific skills, but this should not be the choice of the coach to decide on what skills to miss initially in a players formative junior years.

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Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills

Jeremy R. Hawkins, Elizabeth B. Sharp, Skip M. Athletic Training Education Journal 1 July ; 10 3 : — The ability to demonstrate sound clinical reasoning is needed for a practicing athletic trainer.

Technical Basketball Skills

Written by Kathy McGee, the winningest high school girls' basketball coach in Michigan, in consultation with USA Basketball's Don Showalter, this book will prepare you to be a better teacher and tactician of the game whether you coach men's or women's basketball. Technical skills such as dribbling, shooting, and rebounding are examined in depth, as are the tactical skills such as the give-and-go, backdoor cut, and trapping. More than photos and illustrations bring the basic to intermediate skills to life, while sample season and practice plans will help you in your preparation. You'll find quick tips on how to detect and correct errors in both male and female athletes, cues they need to be aware of in various tactical situations, and key information they need in order to make the appropriate oncourt decisions.

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NBA coaches playbook : techniques, tactics, and teaching points

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