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The Underdark was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the surface of Abeir-Toril. As a result, it was not always possible to travel from one end of the Underdark to the other. The Underdark was divided into several domains that were similar to continents of the world above. While it was possible to travel from one place to another within a domain, separate domains tended to have very few passages linking them. The Underdark's underground landscape varied from small subterranean fissures almost impossible for adventurers to crawl through, to wide expanses of deep water that hid coral caves, hollowed out sections of ice in which creatures lived, and places where fungus, bones, or even pure force formed "caves. This varied landscape was as dynamic as the surface of Abeir-Toril.

Only drow leaders of significance are named in the pages of City of the Spider Queen , but characters might capture or charm low-ranking. Evil lycanthropes often hide among normal folk, emerging in animal form at night especially under the full moon to spread terror. Hit Dice: Same as the character or animal, whichever produces the higher hit point total. Attacks: Same as the character or animal, depending on which form the lycanthrope is using. Special Attacks: A lycanthrope retains all the special attacks of the character or animal, depending on which form it is using, and also. Lycanthropic Empathy Ex : Lycanthropes can communicate and empathize with normal or dire animals of their animal form.

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This book also details the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms, as well as several monsters of the Underdark including the myrlochar and the yochlol. The book's format and contents are similar to that of Draconomicon , Libris Mortis , and Lords of Madness. Although primarily intended for DM use, [2] players can use information from the book to play as a drow character or half-drow character, as well as to fight against drow, or to adventure in the Underdark in general. Schwalb , and Greg A. The first chapter contains general information about drow and contains few rules other than drow racial traits.

They are noted for their cruelty and powerful magic. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! This product is a PDF. There is something for all levels of campaign, from your first steps in the world to those looking to face off against the very Gods themselves. Edit source History Talk 0 Share.

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