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Gender, War, and Militarism

The book takes the premise of the quotation as hard fact, a view that is shared in most academic work that covers this topic. This is not to say that the notion of the war system and gender influencing each other is simply a foregone conclusion. Goldstein himself uses a range of empirical evidence combined with both feminist and international relations theories to bring his point across. It will try to do so by first considering what Goldstein says in his work and then analysing different parts of the war system with what he proposes. These analyses will cover the numerical make-up of armed forces, the perception of combatants and peace activists, sexual violence, military training, war rhetoric, and portrayals of war in popular culture and literature. Due to the overlap of some areas [1] , these divisions are not definitive, nor will they necessarily be approached in the order provided.

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Feminism, militarism, and attitudes toward the role of women in the military

This chapter identifies and interrogates the gendered underpinnings of militarism. In doing so, it examines the contributions of feminist scholars and activists to our understanding of militarism and gender. The chapter examines concepts of peace, war, and security as components of militarism, uncovers the assumptions about gender and race that shape dominant perceptions of war and militarism, and examines how representations and narratives based on these assumptions have material effects. In particular, the chapter uncovers the ways gender operates as a hierarchical configuration of various expressions and performances of masculinity and femininity and how this function of gender shapes ideas of war, peace, and in security. Finally, the chapter illustrates how the understanding of militarism as gendered is central to the ways military conflicts have been enabled, justified, and played out, most recently in the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Keywords: gender , militarism , race , war , War on Terror. Maryam Khalid recently completed her Ph.

Gender, War and Militarism: Feminist Perspectives. Praeger, Introduction. Laura Sjoberg and Sandra Via. During World War II, the United States' success.

Does Gender Shape the War System and Vice Versa?

This compelling, interdisciplinary compilation of essays documents the extensive, intersubjective relationships between gender, war, and militarism in 21st-century global politics. Militarization pervades everyday life, and gender pervades militarization. Feminist scholars have long contended that war and militarism are fundamentally gendered. Gender, War, and Militarism: Feminist Perspectives provides empirical evidence, theoretical innovation, and interdisciplinary conversation on the topic, while explicitly—and uniquely—considering the links between gender, war, and militarism. Essentially an interdisciplinary conversation between scholars studying gender in political science, anthropology, and sociology, the essays here all turn their attention to the same questions.

Citation: Littlewood, Roland. Citation: Nusair, Isis. London: Zed Books.

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