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Chef Interview Questions and Answers for freshers, hotel management students and experienced Chefs. Showing that you understand the job.

There is a high demand for chefs in kitchens at the moment with many business owners offering good salaries and extra holiday days to entice good candidates. However, the best jobs out there will draw a lot of applicants, so you need to stand out from the crowd.

Interview Questions for Chefs

Many sous chefs start their careers with culinary degrees from programs that take two or four years to complete. Others learn on the job in an apprenticeship situation. Either career path is valid so long as your candidate possesses the basic knowledge and skills for the job. Look for an applicant who's confident about their training and gives a complete answer.

What to look for in an answer:. Your candidate should be able to easily talk about all of the jobs that need to be done in the kitchen of a quality restaurant. Look for a person who can describe various kitchen stations and their purposes. The applicant should also mention their own experience in each area and be familiar with prep, pastry and plate presentation.

The salad station or garde manger is the place where salads and cold desserts are prepared. Vegetables are cut in the prep area, and the pastry chef works at the pastry station. I'm experienced working at each station. A sous chef should have the experience needed to fill in at any station during a shift as determined by the executive chef. This is an important element to look for in an answer. Your candidate may also discuss supervisory and other duties of a sous chef.

Details might include preparation of sauces and stocks and cutting portions of fish and meat. I have to be able to fill every job in the kitchen. In the restaurant industry, movement between jobs is common. It's a way to gain more experience and move up in pay and responsibility. Look for a lack of defensiveness about changing jobs and a clear reason for leaving them. A candidate should also speak well of previous employers. Expect to hear about the types of food served and what the applicant learned at each restaurant.

Once I got my degree, I accepted a job working for Chef Smith at Restaurant 1 because it paid more, and I was able to use some of the skills I had learned. Later, I moved to Restaurant 2 because Chef Jones put me in charge of the salad station and prep area.

When the chef moved on to Restaurant 3, she asked me to go with her and continue my training, so I did. A person applying for a sous chef position may answer that they're interested in gaining more experience or moving forward in their career.

Your candidate should be able to readily list qualifications for the job, such as knife skills, proficiency with making sauces and stocks, and supervisory skills, along with dependability and a willingness to work hard.

I'm conscientious about maintaining inventory and controlling costs in the kitchen, and I'm also known for working long hours and showing up on time. Please note that we are not your career or legal advisor, and none of the information provided herein guarantees a job offer. Skip to main content Indeed Home - For employers. Post a job Find resumes Products. Help Center. Sign in. Find Jobs. Post a job. Find resumes.

Visit Indeed for job seekers. Post a Job. Where did you receive your culinary training, and what kind of experience do you have? What to look for in an answer: Length of education and type of training Varied culinary expertise Possession of mentors in the culinary field Example: "I completed a two-year degree at Trident Technical College in Charleston, and then I worked with Chef Tom Smith and Chef Mary Jones for three years.

Tell me about some of the stations that are present in an upscale restaurant. In your experience, what role does the sous chef play in a kitchen? What to look for in an answer: Acceptance of responsibility for all kitchen functions Confidence to take over any station Ability to work with executive chef to create and test recipes Example: "Essentially, the sous chef is the right arm of the executive chef.

Tell me about some of the restaurants you've worked at and why you moved on from them. What to look for in an answer: Names of previous restaurants and executive chefs Position and duties at start and finish of job Detailed reason for leaving Example: "My first job was at a local deli, and I became experienced at preparing salads, cheeses and different cuts of meat.

Why are you interested in this position, and what do you think are your best qualifications to be a sous chef? What to look for in an answer: Experience with ordering and inventory A record of supervising a well-run kitchen Skilled at creating and marketing new recipes Example: "I'd like to expand my skills under your executive chef and work in a more challenging environment.

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Sous Chef interview questions

Make sure that you are interviewing the best sous chefs. Sign up for Workable's day free trial to hire better, faster. They have typically been a line cook first and are expected to be the best cook in the kitchen. They may have a formal apprenticeship under their belts, or professional chef accreditation. Feel free to alter them based on the actual working environment.

Interview questions and answers page 1top 7 sous chef interview questions answers slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A sous chef should have the experience needed to fill in at any station during a shift as determined by the executive chef. Pastry chef; sous chef interview questions. Sous chef interview questions. Top 5 sous chef interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Here are the top 10 voted on sous chef interview questions. Deciding to become a chef can be a highly rewarding career move, especially if you are passionate about food.

Nothing beats the adrenaline of a kitchen in a top-class restaurant. Expectations are running high, and time is running low. Plates are moving everywhere, out and in, and you hardly know what to do first. Assistant cooks and dishwashers have their hands full , and just when you finally think you will have ten minutes of rest, another big order arrives. Welcome to a life of a sous chef.

Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Sous Chef interview questions and answers.

Sous Chef Interview Questions

When you are preparing for an interview for a chef position, you will need to do your research. There is stiff competition for the most desirable jobs, and you need to bring your best to your interview. Preparing thoroughly will get you ready to answer any of these commonly asked interview questions for chefs with confidence.

Top 7 Sous Chef Interview Questions Answers

Many sous chefs start their careers with culinary degrees from programs that take two or four years to complete.

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Sous Chef Interview Questions & Answers

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Top 10 Chef Interview Questions & Answers
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