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These are the three primary skills where the companies will evaluate the candidates appearing for the interviews.

A list of top frequently asked CSS interview questions and answers are given below. It is a popular styling language which is used with HTML to design websites.

What is white space and how does it affect content on the web? White space in graphic design is any area left intentionally blank. Both in web design and other media white space can be efficiently used to visually separate or group elements, to draw attention to a specific element, to reinforce the content layout or grid. Sometimes, white space is also used purely aesthetically to create visually interesting compositions.

20 Most Helpful CSS Interview Questions & Answers

Web Development is one of the top career paths of this decade. Every firm, product, or company that wants to establish online will have a presence on the Internet through a website. The creation of functional and elegant websites are in demand, always. With this demand comes a requirement for proficient Web Developers and increased competition in interviews and this is why it becomes very important that you take a look at the top web developer interview questions.

Since Full Stack Development has lifted off to be a market worth billions of Dollars, it should come as no surprise to you that this creates a vast amount of job openings across the world.

As mentioned above, with this comes a lot of competition making the interviews a little challenging as well. But nothing to worry, this Top 50 Web Development Interview Questions blog is carefully curated by handpicking questions, having the highest probability of occurrence in an interview. Study these diligently and understand how you should approach the questions and answer them in an effective manner.

What is the use of a namespace in Web Development? What are the newly introduced input types in HTML5? What are the form elements that support media content in HTML5? What is SVG and why is it used? What is the difference between Canvas and SVG? How can page loading time be reduced? What is the use of CORS? What is the difference between localStorage and sessionStorage objects?

A namespace is a simple global object that is used to hold methods, properties, and other objects in them. It adds ease of use via modularity, thereby providing users with the ability to reuse the code and avoid naming conflicts. HTML5 has had multiple revamps in the past years, and the addition of input types has made it very easy to work with. Some of these input types are as follows:. It is used to display vector-based graphics over the web.

The graphical content it can render is based on an XML format. With SVG, the graphical content is of superior quality thereby providing the user with the ability to furnish high-quality images.

Next up on this top Web Developer interview questions and answers, let us understand the difference between canvas and SVG. Canvas SVG Resolution dependant Resolution independent Does not support event handlers Supports event handlers Works well for small-scale rendering applications Performs better for large-scale rendering applications.

There are many factors that affect the page loading time of a website. However, some methods can be implemented to reduce it drastically. They are given below:. It is a mechanism that allows a variety of resources to be requested at a time from a domain that is outside the current request domain.

The next web application interview question comprises an important difference. Check it out below. CSS3 has brought about a lot of changes, making the overall framework more user-friendly and powerful.

Some of the features that were added and are very popularly used now are:. Responsive web design is a concept that is used to create web pages that can scale across multiple resolutions without any loss of information or screen tearing.

It automatically adjusts the structure of the web page based on the device it is viewed on to provide optimal viewing experience. A CSS selector is used with a rule in the inline elements, which require styling. With the help of selectors, it is easy to find and select HTML elements based on factors, such as name, ID, attribute, etc.

It is denoted in the following example:. It is used to select a statement and modify the style of that element in the corresponding part of the HTML tag. Next up on these web technologies interview questions, let us understand a little about the use of Webkit. To implement this in CSS, the following syntax is used:. Ready to learn more about Web Development? Read our comprehensive guide on Web Development Tutorial now!

Next up on this top Web Developer interview questions and answers blog, let us take a look at the intermediate set of questions. This can easily be applied to all four sides or as per requirement. Pagination is a simple sequence of pages in a website. These pages are interconnected and have similar content to display to users. A simple example is the page selector on an e-commerce site that allows the users to browse through the products present on multiple pages rather than scrolling up and down on one single page.

Transitions in CSS3 are easy to use, and they provide users with rapid and efficient animation effects. Pseudo-classes are used as a popular technique in CSS to change the style of an element when this element changes its state. We have to understand media queries in the next set of interview questions for web developers. Check it out. Media queries are used to define styles in CSS, which are responsive based on a variety of shapes and sizes of the viewing window.

Float is a popular property in CSS to control the layout and position of an element on a web page. Z-index is a property in CSS that is used to define the order of elements on a web page. It works on the basis of order indices, where a higher-order element will appear before a lower-order element.

It only applies to elements that are positioned, i. External style sheets provide an ample amount of advantages to developers. Some of the benefits are as follows:. Long polling is a development pattern that is used to emulate a data push operation from a server to a client machine. When long polling is operational, the client sends in a request to the server, and the data is pushed. The connection will timeout only when the data is sent to the client or after the timeout criteria is met.

This question is very common in a Web Development interview. Answer it based on your learning, experience, and proficiency in this field. However, a good Web Developer will have profound working skills in any of the following technologies:. Cookies Local Storage Cookie data is accessible for both the client and the server Data is stored only on the local browser in the client-side machine Cookies have an expiry time, and data gets deleted post expiration There is no expiry in local storage unless the data is manually deleted In the next set of interview questions for web developers, we have a very important question regarding HTML and XHTML.

JavaScript can be used to easily modify classes and styles in an element by making use of the following syntax:. Next up on this top Web Development interview questions and answers blog, let us take a look at the advanced set of questions. The following will cover the senior web developer interview questions but I suggest you go through them even if you are a fresher or an intermediate web developer candidate.

The event does add a bit of delay when rendering a web page. This ensures to reduce any delays in actions. JavaScript supports automatic type conversion. Since it is weakly typed, you can pass a function as an argument into another function easily.

This ensures that there are no errors or data type-associated warnings as values get converted to the required data type automatically. Scope refers to the accessibility of functions and underlying variables in the running environment. There are two scopes supported in JavaScript:. JavaScript supports two types of comment insertion in the code.

Single-line comments and multi-line comments. Coming to the next set of interview questions for web developers, here is a common question for JavaScript. Variables that have been declared already but not initialized are known as undefined variables. On the other hand, if a variable is being used in a program without being declared, then it is considered as an undeclared variable. This object resides inside a method, and the keyword is used for referencing the corresponding variable or object.

It is used to delay the execution of the JavaScript code on a web page until the parser completely loads and initializes the page.

This is a commonly asked question in a Web Development interview. If it is a large firm, then security will get higher priority over SEO. Whereas, if it is a publication firm, SEO gets the preference. A little groundwork about the company should help you answer this question. If the jQuery Event Handler returns a boolean false value, it simply means that the event will not execute further and will halt the execution for the particular action it is associated with. The each function in jQuery is used to iterate over a set of elements.

A function can be passed to the each method. This will result in the execution of each of the events for which the object has been called.

Pair programming is a scenario where you will be working closely with a colleague on the project, and this is done to help solve the problems at hand.

If the development scenario is fast-paced, Agile development might not work efficiently. The interviewer asks this question to see if you can work with other people easily and effectively.

This is done to give users the ability to call any method that is defined for the jQuery object. With these programs, you can become an expert in Web Development and earn a course certificate as well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Read More.

Top 27 Web Designer Interview Questions & Answers and Top 4 Interview Tips to Impress HR in 2019

Nick Mertens. These CSS interview questions and answers will help you show that you know the basics, some of the newer tricks, and that you know how to stay up to date - which will go a long way towards improving your chances of securing that coveted second interview. Looking for more intervew prep? This means you can have generic styles, followed by rules that style more specific elements on the page. A selector in CSS is the bit before the curly bracket, for example, body or.

The time has come to hire a web designer , or web design firm, and you have no idea where to start. Sure, regular interview questions can help you when it comes to whether a candidate will be a good fit, but you need to dig deeper into their web design knowledge. Your website is the online face of your company so you want to make sure you hire someone that has a strong understanding of not only design fundamentals, but also basic web development concepts. You want to hire someone whose design aesthetic is similar to that of your company, or someone who is at least familiar designing with that aesthetic. This guide will give you the ten questions you need to ask when you are looking to hire a web designer, or web design firm, for your next big project.

To set an image as a background on web page, point the body background to the name of your image you want to set as a background as shown below. You can also fix the background image, so while using the scroll bar in the browser, it does not move. Responsive design is an approach to building sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. It focuses on easy navigation of site with a minimum of scrolling, panning and resizing across all devices. On web page information, architecture is often referred to the structure and navigation of an entire site.

question badge. When talking about responsive web design, what are the differences between the Mobile First and the Desktop First approaches.

15 frequently asked Web Designer Interview Questions

Web Development is one of the top career paths of this decade. Every firm, product, or company that wants to establish online will have a presence on the Internet through a website. The creation of functional and elegant websites are in demand, always. With this demand comes a requirement for proficient Web Developers and increased competition in interviews and this is why it becomes very important that you take a look at the top web developer interview questions.

Responsive Web Design RWD is now seen as the future of web development and with mobile first index being introduced in Google Search algorithm responsive sites trends is here to stay. Whenever you go for interview for web designing or web developer these questions are mostly asked by the interviewer. Here are we going to discuss the top responsive web design interview questions and answers with you. There is also special section for Experienced professionals below. Here are also few most noteworthy questions with answers.

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50 Web Developer Interview Questions (2019 Edition)

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Intermediate Interview Questions

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Top 50 CSS Interview Questions You Should Prepare For In 2021

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