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How could I know than that it would also transform his soul He is lost, Henry. Lost to himself and to the world.


Henry Jekyll, a well-bred English doctor, probes the diabolic side of human nature and turns himself into the villainous Mr. Jekyll has forced his attorney to make out a new will naming Hyde as his sole heir. Eventually, Jekyll must pay for his dangerous experiment. Different versions of the same or similar story:. Jekyll and Mr. Kokonut Island Recess!

Just… not your standard fan fiction or RPGs. And this show has been through more versions than an Apple iPhone. This owes to its origins as a college project. Throughout the mid-Eighties they worked on it. Almost 15 years later, it debuted at the Alley Theatre in Houston in , followed by a Broadway opening on April 28, It received two Tony nominations and ran for three years in NYC before closing.

Jekyll and Mr. The story focuses on Henry Jekyll , a respected London doctor, and his involvement with Edward Hyde, a loathsome criminal. After Hyde murders a vicar, Jekyll's friends suspect he is helping the killer, but the truth is that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person. Jekyll has developed a potion that allows him to transform himself into Hyde and back again. When he runs out of the potion, he is trapped in his Hyde form and commits suicide before he can be arrested.

Jekyll and Hyde Musical Libreto Ingles

The sound of unearthly voices is heard before it seems to vanish upward into the fog in an atmosphere of ominous anticipation. The voice of Dr. Jekyll is heard over the din. He speaks of the duality of man and the struggle within him John Utterson, a middle-aged lawyer, enters and addresses the audience.

JEKYLL & HYDE. ACT I. PROLOGUE (Track 1). (Mysterious music sounds. Only the left side of the stage is dimly illuminated. Utterson closes a file, rubs his eyes​.

Jekyll and Hyde the Musical

Henry Jekyll, John Utterson spoken. Scene 1: The Violent Ward at St. Henry Jekyll. Scene 3: St. Jude's Hospital Jekyll's Plea Dr.

jekyll and hyde the musical

Henry Jekyll is a brilliant scientist frustrated by dull "respectable" life in Victorian London. He creates a formula to unleash his inner bestial nature, transforming him into the brutish but oddly compassionate Edward Hyde. Hyde lives the high life while Jekyll's middle-aged normalcy continues -- until Hyde's passions begin to turn up a body count. This intimate, easy-to-stage version of Robert Louis Stevenson's science fiction classic features two haunting chorus characters, who speed along the action, play many supporting roles, and speak to Jekyll as the voices in his head, spurring him toward triumph and tragedy.

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* Lyrics by Steve Cuden, Leslie Bricusse and Frank Wildhorn. The following scenes and songs are included in the standard licensed script for.

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