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Metabolic syndrome among overweight and obese adults in Palestinian refugee camps

Ann Clin Lab Res Vol. Background: Warning signs of metabolic syndrome MetS can appear during childhood. Early detection and treatment of MetS is likely to reduce morbidity and mortality in adulthood and help to keep to minimum the global burden of cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes. Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in the West Bank-Palestine in the year Out of the schoolchildren,

Objectives To describe the distribution of social factors, lifestyle habits and anthropometric measurements according to hypertension and Type-2 diabetes. There were KeyWords : body mass index ; hypertension ; life style ; obesity ; physical activity ; type 2 diabetes. Education level 0 is low level to moderate and high level. Education level 1 is high to moderate and low level. Smoking habits 0 is past smokers to active smokers, passive smokers and never smokers.

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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. Abstract Obesity implies higher cardiovascular risk CVR than overweight. It is not clear whether differential effects could be observed between obese and overweight people consuming these fruits. They consumed agraz or placebo over 4-weeks separated by a 4-wk washout period. At the end of each period, the following parameters were measured: anthropometrics, blood pressure, serum lipid profile, glucose, insulin, adipokines, apolipoprotein apo -A1, high sensitivity C-reactive protein hs-CRP , serum total antioxidant capacity TAC , endogenous antioxidant enzymes and oxidative stress OxS markers. Positive correlations were observed with cardioprotective markers. Conclusions: Agraz consumption had differential effects in overweight and obese women, with better effects on inflammation and OxS markers, respectively.

Keywords: Metabolic syndrome, Obesity and overweight, Adults. © The Author(s) alarming rate among Palestinian refugees especially. among women Nablus Districts in three refugee camps (Balata, Asker,. and Al-Ein) in.

Box , Jerusalem, Palestine. Box , Iraklion, Crete, Greece. Box 7, Nablus, West Bank, Palestine.

Metrics details. Metabolic syndrome MetS is one of the main reasons for elevated cardiovascular morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Households from vulnerable groups experiencing epidemiological transitions are known to be affected concomitantly by under-nutrition and obesity. Yet, it is unknown to what extent this double burden affects refugee populations dependent on food assistance. We assessed the double burden of malnutrition among Western Sahara refugees living in a protracted emergency. We implemented a stratified nutrition survey in October—November in the four Western Sahara refugee camps in Algeria.

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