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It is ignored by most, received and interpreted in garbled form by some and understood and acted upon by only a few. Kenneth Shaleen's Volume and Open Interest provides the tools to decipher the markets' current technical condition from an analysis and interpretation of volume and open interest alone. Judging from the title, one might expect this book to appeal primarily to commodity traders, especially since open interest information is not collected for stocks. In reality, the book is written both for technical students and seasoned traders. Those developing their technical skills will have an excellent source of information on volume and open interest, which they can incorporate into their trading. Seasoned traders will benefit from the book's practical exercises, case studies and applications illustrating how volume and open interest provide information of a market's technical condition.

Kenneth Shaleen Technical Analysis and Options Strategies

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Volume Open Interest Rev

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Kenneth Shaleen - Volume & Open Interest (Rev. Ed.)

With the approach of hour markets and the increase in computerized trading bringing global markets closer to reality, Shaleen has revised and updated this text to serve the needs of traders in today's changing market environment. Particularly discussed are the topics of, identifying discrepancies in market behaviour, especially markets in almost constant transition, and, developing a disciplined approach to using volume and open interest. Updated information has also been added to sections on: commitments of traders report, analyzing the specific behaviour of T-Bonds and Eurodollars, obtaining data via the Internet and, metals, currency, and option markets.

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As traders or speculators in the fu- tures markets know, the most primary and profitable of goals is to understand what makes the market move now. In other words, how is the smart money re- acting to the market? The classic method of determining current market sentiment is through tracking volume and open in- terest. Volume, the number of contracts traded during a trading session, and open interest, the total of all unclosed po- sitions at the end of a trading session, have been used as technical indicators of market trends for over years! Yet this is the first book, ever, devoted solely to these critical indicators. Written by Ken Shaleen, internationally known futures trader, educator and market advisor, Vol- ume and Open Interest is the definitive source for understanding how market sentiment is reflected through volume and open interest indicators.

Richard D. No part of lhis publication may be reproduccd, stored in a retrieval system, or transmincd. This publication is designed to provide aceurate and authoritative information in regard 10 the subject matter. If legal adviee or other expert assistance is required, the services of a cmpetent professional person should be soughl. Kennern H.

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