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Instructional materials may aid a student in concretizing a learning experience so as to make learning more exciting, interesting and interactive. They are tools used in instructional activities, which include active learning and assessment.

Instructional materials may be operationally defined as specially designed classroom tools that contain instructions to learners and teachers, and which specify each increment of learning: the content to be learned; the techniques of presentation; practice and use of that content; and the modes of teaching associated with those techniques Johnson, RELC Journal. Instructional materials generally serve as the basis for much of the language input learners receive and the language practice that occurs in the classroom Richards. They can provide a detailed specification of content, even in the absence of the syllabus Richards and Rodgers,

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. This chapter documents the general principles and rationale for the Committee's decisions and describes the process used to develop an evaluation tool and a guide for the tool's use. The process was designed as an investigation that began with a review of the evaluation tools developed by others see Chapter 2.

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ENG 412 Preparation and Evaluation of Instructional Materials

Preliminary Proposal Due Date s required :. Instructional Materials for Students -- supports the creation and substantial revision of comprehensive curricula and supplemental instructional materials that are research-based; enhance classroom instruction, preK; and reflect standards for science, mathematics, and technology education developed by national professional organizations. Assessment -- supports the creation of tools for assessing student learning that are tied to nationally developed standards and reflect the most current thinking on how students learn mathematics and science. Projects can also focus on assistance to schools and districts in implementing new assessments. Applied Research -- supports the research for development of the IMD program and projects; provides evidence for the effectiveness of materials and feedback for strengthening the portfolio; and identifies possible new directions in instructional materials and assessment.

Search How to Titles Subjects Organizations. Chapter 2 what a teacher needs to know Materials development and resource utilization introduction Instructional materials and the learning process Using what is available Producing educational materials Using materials in the classroom Evaluating instructional materials. During the course of a year, in just about any subject, the time comes when the teacher needs to use something other than his or her own voice and gestures to present course content To I most people educated in Western industrialized nations, this statement I may seem all too obvious. In the context of many developing countries, however, audiovisual aids and materials are often unavailable and the teacher is left with two choices: 1. To rely on simple materials which may be produced either by the teacher or a local facility; or 2. To adapt materials which may have been produced for a different country or even a different, if related, subject.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Quality instructional materials are essential in teaching about evolution and the nature of science. It also is important to consider the context within which specific materials will be used. This chapter therefore begins with brief discussions of school science programs and the criteria used to design curricula.

Instructional materials

Focuses on printed forms of instructional materials and provides detailed information, including examples, on five types of job performance aids, three types of instruction sheets, and two types of modules. Checklists of considerations that affect the quality of finished products are also provided. Job performance aids JPAs provide procedural or factual guidance in the performance of tasks.

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Instructional materials: their preparation and evaluation

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