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Tuning into rebellious matter: affective literacies as more-than-human sonic bodies

Recognising and emphasising the materiality of technology and other matter of online professional education can usefully re-position learners and some knowledges. One way of turning attention to materiality is through art, as arts-based learning. Arts-based learning can also emulate some of the conditions of professional practice, including the requirement to operate within complex environments, with creativity. This investigation, informed by post-humanism, explores the affordances of art in online professional education from within, that is, through arts-based research. Rae, John. Countless life- and world-changing technologies have arisen out of a steady flow of scientific thinking.

Chapter 5 Affective Affordances, Desires, and Assemblages

The author would like to thank the editors and reviewers for their thoughtful feedback; Alyssa Niccolini and Jaye Thiel for listening as I talked through ideas; and above all, Ms Rizzo and her students for showing me love. Dernikos, B. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage.

In this article, I demonstrate the art of plugging into hope. Through drawing on a range of visual, poetic, and narrative data generated throughout this project, I write my story, creating an assemblage of plugging in moments with human and non-human. Adding to an ongoing conversation with art-making, writing, and my scholarly ghosts. Annette asked about the so-whatness of the project. I paused and pondered, typed onto my word doc: Plugging into hope.

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Art and Other Matter(s) of Online Professional Education

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Objective Applied Linguistics Review ALR is an international, peer-reviewed journal that bridges the gap between linguistics and applied areas such as education, psychology and human development, sociology and politics. It serves as a testing ground for the articulation of original ideas and approaches in the study of real-world issues in which language plays a crucial role. ALR brings together critical reflections of current debates and new theoretical and empirical research. Topics Aspects of the linguistic and communicative competence of the individual:. Articles that not only report new research findings but also engage in philosophical and methodological debates and point to directions of future research are particularly welcome.

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    Plugging One Text Into Another Thinking With Theory in Qualitative Research dissolution of qualitative methodologies in social research (Jackson & Mazzei, ; (Barad, ;Bennett, ;Braidotti, ;Chen, ).

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    that what we call “plugging one text into another” is a move to begin (Mazzei &. Jackson, , p. 4). As we read all of the data, we were attentive to our own.

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