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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Smart Grid Communication Technologies. The legacy grid was built on a principle of unidirectional power flow from the main power plants that use fossil fuels such as coal, gas and nuclear materials to the consumers, through the transmission and distribution networks. Due to the increasing electricity demand in the world and the global warming affect, there is a tendency to replace fossil fuels by green renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy [1] - [3].

Smart Grid: Trends in Power Market

In continuing we understand that you accept our Cookies Policy. You can modify the cookies storage options in your browser. Learn more. With the recent requirement to install smart energy meters in Germany and other European Union Companies, Smart Grids are becoming the definitive solution for managing the grids of the future. At this point the advantages they bring to both utilities and consumers are not in question. But of all their benefits, which are most important for European Union countries?

Advantages of Smart Grids

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. It is therefore necessary to provide algorithms that are capable of dynamically finding approximate solutions. We propose two semi-distributed algorithms based on ADMM and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. One of the algorithms computes a feasible approximate of the optimal power allocation at each time instance. We require coordination between the nodes to guarantee feasibility of each of the iterates.

A smart grid is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operation and energy measures including:. Electronic power conditioning and control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of the smart grid. Roll-out of smart grid technology also implies a fundamental re-engineering of the electricity services industry, although typical usage of the term is focused on the technical infrastructure. The first alternating current power grid system was installed in in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In the 20th century local grids grew over time, and were eventually interconnected for economic and reliability reasons. By the s, the electric grids of developed countries had become very large, mature and highly interconnected, with thousands of 'central' generation power stations delivering power to major load centres via high capacity power lines which were then branched and divided to provide power to smaller industrial and domestic users over the entire supply area.

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A Smart Grid is needed to enable such “worlds” DOE SmartGrid Implementation Workshop – June – Vision and. Metrics Benefit of Modernization.

Smart grid

This Discussion Paper maps and reviews existing literature about costs and benefits of smart grid projects and identifies gaps in current guidance. The report also includes an analysis of how network regulation affects costs and benefits of smart grid technologies. It also provides input for further work on the topic of decision making for smart grid technologies.

Social costs and benefits of Smart Grid technologies

The Smart Grid is a technology to provide intelligence to electricity distribution networks to allow a better use and greater efficiency in the distribution of electric power. The intelligent network is possible thanks to the application of detection, measurement and control devices with two communication channels to the parties the production of electricity, transmission, distribution and consumption of the electricity network that communicate information about the state of the network to users of the system, operators and automated devices, making it possible to respond dynamically to changes in the grid condition. Governments and financing utilities for the development of the Modernization of the network have defined the necessary functions for smart grids. Raising Reliability: building a complete electrical system monitored and controlled in real time, with a capacity of self-establishing self-healing ;.

Smart meters are tools used to manage and record electricity and performance of electronic devices in the home. What makes the meters "smart" is their ability to provide detailed and accurate analytics on electrical usage in real-time or at predetermined intervals, all without a technician. The U. Department of Energy estimates that nearly The strategic potential of collecting a broad spectrum of information about electricity consumption includes the value of quick, accurate measurements and the elimination of monthly estimates and meter-reading home visits.

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Smart grid

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    Since the existing power grid is designed neither by latest technologies nor to comply with rapidly climate changes, a new intelligent power grid is urgently needed and will soon be applied to power market.

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