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In this course you will focus on configuring a , Juniper router, identifying basic security threats, Firewall. A great time-saving. This is great software which quickly and efficiently prepares you for the Juniper exam. This course is a great fit for network engineers or IT Ops professionals looking to understand networking basics.

Cisco - CCNA Course | Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions

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We believe that continuous learning and knowledge evolution are most important things to keep re-skilling and up-skilling the world. Planning and creating a specific goal is where IPSpecialist helps. We can create a career track that suits your visions as well as develop the competencies you need to become a professional Network Engineer. We can also assist you with the execution and evaluation of proficiency level based on the career track you choose, as they are customized to fit your specific goals.

About the Authors: This book has been compiled with the help of multiple professional engineers. These engineers specializes in different fields e. Each engineer develops content in its specialized field that is compiled to form a comprehensive certification guide. He works with enterprises, mega-projects, and service providers to help them select the best-fit technology solutions.

He also works closely as a consultant to understand customer business processes and helps select an appropriate technology strategy to support business goals.

Abubakar Saeed has more than twenty-five years of experience, Managing, Consulting, Designing, and implementing large-scale technology projects, extensive experience heading ISP operations, solutions integration, heading Product Development, Presales, and Solution Design. Emphasizing on adhering to Project timelines and delivering as per customer expectations, he always leads the project in the right direction with his innovative ideas and excellent management.

Muhammad Yousuf is a professional technical content writer. He has both technical knowledge and industry sounding information, which he uses perfectly in his career.

Chapter 1: Threat Defense Case Study Management Services on Cisco Devices Threat Defense Architecture Security Components and Considerations. RA Guard The workbook is designed to take a practical approach of learning with real life examples and case studies:.

Cisco Certifications Cisco Systems, Inc. The company is probably best known for its business routing and switching products, which direct data, voice and video traffic across networks around the world. Cisco offers one of the most comprehensive vendor-specific certification programs in the world.

The Cisco Career Certification program begins at the Entry level, then advances to Associate, Professional and Expert levels, and for some certifications caps things off at the Architect level. Figure 1 Cisco Certifications Skill Matrix. Cisco certifications are a de facto standard in networking industry which help you boost your career in the following ways,.

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to technologies used to strengthen security of a network perimeter such as Network. The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam:. Your study will be divided into two distinct parts:. Understanding the technologies as per exam blueprint 2.

Implementing and practicing the technologies on Cisco hardware. IPSpecialist provides full support to enable the candidates for the challenging exam. Certification exams are offered at locations throughout the world. To register for an exam, contact Pearson VUE, the authorized test delivery partner of Cisco, who will administer the exam in a secure, proctored environment.

Decide which exam to take and note down the exam name and number. Refer to the Current Exam List webpage for exam details. Legal name from government issued ID b. Cisco Certification ID i. Company name d. Valid email address. CSCO before continuing with your registration to avoid duplicate records and delays in receiving proper credit for your exams. A valid email is required during exam registration. Cisco requires a valid email to send email reminders when a candidate's certification is about to expire, confirm the mailing address before shipping out the certificate and to inform candidates if their certificate was returned due to an incorrect address.

Pearson VUE is the Cisco authorized test delivery partner. You can register online, by telephone, or by walk in where available. Q: How much an exam costs? Computer-based certification exam or written exam, prices depend on scope and exam length.

Please refer to the "Exam Pricing" webpage for details. After you complete an exam at an authorized testing centre, you will get an immediate online notification in the form of printed examination score report that indicates your pass or fail status, and your exam results section wise. Security is a broad topic, which should be discussed in everything we design, related to computer networking that may be wired or wireless.

Network security has been considered important for quite some time, especially for those of us whose entire careers has been around the field of network security. There has been a surge in public awareness about securing their devices connected to public internet because of events of data stealth and leakage in a past few years. As new vulnerabilities and new methods of attack are being evolved, a least technical user can potentially launch a devastating attack against an unprotected network.

As we strive to empower employees around the world with ubiquitous access to important data, it is increasingly important to take measures for the protection of data and the entities using it. This section will start with mitigation techniques for common layer 2 attacks followed by lab section, which explains the best practices for network device hardening.

Port security is a very nice layer 2 feature of Cisco IOS, which allows network administrators to bind specific number of MAC addresses to a specific port of networking device along with the violation action if number of MAC address increase or a device whose MAC address is not bind, tries to connect to a port.

Just like router stores remote network entries in a routing table, a switch has its own table known as Content Addressable Memory CAM table which is a fancy word for MAC address table. When a switch is powered on, its CAM table has no entry in it. Whenever, a first frame for specific destination hits the switch, it will be broadcasted to all active ports of that specific VLAN.

In case there is no entry present, the intended frame will be sent to all active ports except the source port to that specific VLAN. Just like routing table, CAM table has its own storage limitation depending on hardware series. At this point, switch will start acting as a HUB, which just broadcasts anything hitting its interfaces. This type of attack is referred to as CAM table overflow attack and port security can be used to mitigate such kind of attacks.

After detecting bogus MAC address or maximum number of MAC address allowed on secured port, a port security feature can perform one of the actions as in Table 1.

Alert generation feature of this action makes it preferable over the aforementioned action. Puts the port in err-disable state and everything gets discarded. In order to bind MAC address to specific switch port which must be either in access or static trunk mode the three options listed in Table 2 are available in Cisco IOS.

By default, only 1 MAC address is allowable on switch-port. Manually binds the MAC address on switch-port. Static Preferred in a scenario where number of secure ports are few. This feature comes handy if large number of secure ports require MAC binding. By using sticky feature, the currently learnt MAC addresses will be bind to the Sticky switch-ports and get stored in running-configuration. Network administrator needs to save the running- configuration to startup-configuration so that these MAC gets permanent as switch gets reboot.

Although a nice feature but modern hacking tools can be used to spoof the MAC address and bypass this security check. Similarly, port security does not work with dynamically configured access or trunk ports. Switch port needs to be in a static access. Modern security techniques such as implementation of Storm control feature is used to mitigate situations when huge number of packets flood through the network either legitimate or bogus traffic. Apart from broadcast traffic, storm control feature can be used to limit multicast and even unicast traffic on Layer 2 port.

In Table 3, few reasons behind the situation when switch or router experiences high network traffic are listed:. Table 3-Reasons behind Traffic Storm and their Description. Some protocols may generate tremendous Protocol Implementation amount of broadcast or multicast traffic, which may result in unavailability of network. Another very likely reason for traffic storm is accidental misconfiguration from network Network Configuration Mismatch engineering.

For example, disabling spanning tree may result in some endless loop within switching segment etc. Depending on the IOS version, storm control can be configured based on bandwidth percentage, packets per second PPS or bits per second bps. Just like port security, storm control feature also performs one of the following action in case of violation.

Table 4-Storm Control Response against Violation Action Description Configured as default option, device will drop Syslog Message the traffic exceeding the level defined by storm control feature and will generate Syslog. Storm control feature will put port in err- disable state on violation along with Syslog message generation.

It is actually very easy for someone to bring accidentally or maliciously a DHCP server in a corporate environment. DHCP snooping is all about protecting against it. Let us consider a disgruntled employee say Bob who has some administrative issues in the.

On embedded device, Bob has installed Back Track, which is a Linux distribution commonly used for penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Cisco CCNA Training - ICND1 - Lab Guide

Risk Risk is defined as the probability of an event and its consequence Often seen as an adverse event Impacts assets. Governance in each Department Financial accountability Operational effectiveness Legal and human resources compliance Social responsibility. Four Questions of Governance 1. Are we doing the right things? Are we doing them the right way?

Cyber security training is crucial for any modern business to protect their sensitive data and IT systems. The incidence and severity of cyber-attacks is increasing - especially among smaller businesses - and a lack of investment in cyber security could put you at risk. The impact of a security breach is now far more damaging than you might expect. Not only will a loss of critical information or access directly affect your competitiveness and cash flow, it could also damage your reputation. We offer both classroom-based and Cyber Security online training courses, including everything you need to get certified in record time:. The International Information System Security Certification Consortium is a non-profit organisation specialising in information security certifications. Also known as ISC 2 , this renowned organisation has certified over 50, information security professionals in more than countries.

The CCNA certification is now offered as 5 days in-classroom modules , and a required 3 days self-study modules. Train with Firebrand, and you'll cover all modules over a total of just 6 days , including sitting exam CCNA. In less than a week, you'll be immersed in a broad range of IT fundamentals; from networking technologies, to security essentials, automation and programmability. Through the CCNA certification you'll learn how to navigate network access, IP connectivity and IP services, enabling your business to be more flexible and scalable. You'll also learn the fundamentals of:. This Cisco certification is the starting point for your career in networking, giving you the specialist skills you need to operate Cisco equipment.

Accelerated CCNA Course Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions. Train with a Cisco Learning Partner & pass exam in just 6 days.

Cisco CCNA Training - ICND1 - Lab Guide

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Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1. Version Lab Guide Issue Page 1. Task 2: Defining a hostname and enabling a management IP address. Task 3: Using context-sensitive help.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from IPSpecialist LTD, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Feedback: If you have any comments regarding the quality of this book, or otherwise alter it to better suit your needs, you can contact us through email at info ipspecialist. Our philosophy is to treat our customers like family.

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Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1. Version Lab Guide Issue Page 1. Task 2: Defining a hostname and enabling a management IP address. Task 3: Using context-sensitive help. Task 4: Changing default CLI parameters.

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