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This comprehensive treatment of environmental impact assessment EIA provides an authoritative contemporary review of theory and practice over the past ten years.

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Current Global Health Impact Assessment Practice

Riley, E. International Journal of Health Policy and Management , 7 2 , International Journal of Health Policy and Management , 7, 2, , International Journal of Health Policy and Management , ; 7 2 : Toggle navigation.

Background Transport policy and practice impacts health. Environmental Impact Assessments EIAs are regulated public policy mechanisms that can be used to consider the health impacts of major transport projects before they are approved. The way health is considered in these environmental assessments EAs is not well known. This research asked: How and to what extent was human health considered in EAs of four major transport projects in Australia. Methods We developed a comprehensive coding framework to analyse the Environmental Impact Statements EISs of four transport infrastructure projects: three road and one light rail.

The coding framework was designed to capture how health was directly and indirectly included. Results We found that health was partially considered in all four EISs. In the three New South Wales NSW projects, but not the one South Australian project, this was influenced by the requirements issued to proponents by the government which directed the content of the EIS.

Health was assessed using human health risk assessment HHRA. We found this to be narrow in focus and revealed a need for a broader social determinants of health approach, using multiple methods. The road assessments emphasised air quality and noise risks, concluding these were minimal or predicted to improve. The South Australian project was the only road project not to include health data explicitly.

The light rail EIS considered the health benefits of the project whereas the others focused on risk. Only one project considered mental health, although in less detail than air quality or noise. Conclusion Our findings suggest EIAs lag behind the known evidence linking transport infrastructure to health.

If health is to be comprehensively included, a more complete model of health is required, as well as a shift away from health risk assessment as the main method used. This needs to be mandatory for all significant developments. We also found that considering health only at the EIA stage may be a significant limitation, and there is a need for health issues to be considered when earlier, fundamental decisions about the project are being made. City planning and population health: a global challenge.

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Assessing health impacts within environmental impact assessments: an opportunity for public health globally which must not remain missed.

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Environmental Impact Assessment Theory and Practice

More info here. Ebook can be read and downloaded up to 6 devices. You can't read this ebook with Amazon Kindle. Ignore and show page. Edited by Peter Wathern. Format: pages, reference Pub. For Libraries.

The Draft EIA Notification circulated by the government proposes to overhaul the framework for granting environmental clearances. In an attempt to expedite the EIA process, the proposed changes compromise the very logic of a decision-making system. However, a closer look reveals measures that do not align with some of the fundamental principles of environmental governance. In its attempt to expedite the EIA process, the proposed changes compromise the very logic of a decision-making system. At a time where the unintended impacts of uncontrolled environmental degradation are felt by every community, a revised system should reflect greater emphasis on strengthening, rather than weakening environmental safeguards. EIA frames the flow of information leading up to the decision to grant or reject environmental clearance EC to a project. The long-term, direct and indirect impacts on a complex ecosystem and livelihoods need to be understood in deciding whether to grant clearance and under what conditions Craik

Box , Copenhagen K, Denmark. Health impact assessment HIA practice has expanded across the world, since it was established more than two decades ago. This paper presents a snapshot of current global HIA practice based on the findings of an online questionnaire survey. HIA practitioners from all world regions were invited to participate. A total of HIA practitioners from 29 countries completed the survey, following a broad international outreach effort.

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NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Environmental Impact Assessment

The implementation of sustainable development requires several support instruments. One of the major instruments in the Rio Declaration to support this process has been environmental assessment that has been given considerable emphasis as to its potential ability to help achieve more sustainable forms of development. Regional environmental assessment REA has shown to be effective in supporting local sustainable development process.

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