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Software Metrics

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Software metrics can be classified into three categories: product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics. Product metrics describe the characteristics of the product such as size, complexity, design features, performance, and quality level. Process metrics can be used to improve software development and maintenance. Examples include the effectiveness of defect removal during development, the pattern of testing defect arrival, and the response time of the fix process. Save to Library.

A software metric is a standard of measure of a degree to which a software system or process possesses some property. Since quantitative measurements are essential in all sciences, there is a continuous effort by computer science practitioners and theoreticians to bring similar approaches to software development. The goal is obtaining objective, reproducible and quantifiable measurements, which may have numerous valuable applications in schedule and budget planning, cost estimation, quality assurance, testing, software debugging, software performance optimization, and optimal personnel task assignments. As software development is a complex process, with high variance on both methodologies and objectives, it is difficult to define or measure software qualities and quantities and to determine a valid and concurrent measurement metric, especially when making such a prediction prior to the detail design. Another source of difficulty and debate is in determining which metrics matter, and what they mean. A specific measurement may target one or more of the above aspects, or the balance between them, for example as an indicator of team motivation or project performance.

How do you know which parameters are the most appropriate to define and measure the successful completion of a process? What are some software development metrics examples? Project managers have a wide variety of metrics to choose from. We can classify the most commonly used metrics into the following groups:. These are metrics that pertain to Process Quality. They are used to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of various processes.

Software metric

Software metrics project management pdf free download. Practical software metrics for project management and process improvement. Management Metrics Techniques for software cost estimation 1. Algorithmic cost modeling: Model developed using historical cost information that relates some software metric usually lines of code to project cost. Estimate made of metric and then model predicts effort required.

Software Testing Metrics are the quantitative measures used to estimate the progress, quality, productivity and health of the software testing process. The goal of software testing metrics is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the software testing process and to help make better decisions for further testing process by providing reliable data about the testing process. The ideal example to understand metrics would be a weekly mileage of a car compared to its ideal mileage recommended by the manufacturer. Software testing metrics - Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a software testing process. Software testing metrics or software test measurement is the quantitative indication of extent, capacity, dimension, amount or size of some attribute of a process or product. Example for software test measurement : Total number of defects In this tutorial, you will learn- What is Software Testing Metric? Why Test Metrics are Important?

Example: defects found in component testing/LOC of code tested. • Indicator –. – A metric that provide insight into the SW process, project or product. – Indicators.

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TABLE 3. The table below shows four aspects of software quality taken from the CISQ software quality model, and which metrics can help quantify each one. Some metrics belong to multiple categories. Scope of Software Metrics 1. Process metrics can be used to improve software development and maintenance.

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    Software process and project metrics are quantitative measures that enable software engineers to gain insight into the efficiency of the software process and the.

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    Software project metrics are used by the software team to adapt project workflow and technical activities. Project metrics are used to avoid development schedule delays, to mitigate potential risks, and to assess product quality on an on-going basis.

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    A software metric is a measure of software characteristics which are measurable or countable.

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