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4 Types of DC Motors: An Introduction

Recieve free updates Via Email! Home Electrical machines Power system Ask a question Contact electricaleasy. Share: Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Each DC machine can act as a generator or a motor. Hence, this classification is valid for both: DC generators and DC motors. DC machines are usually classified on the basis of their field excitation method. This makes two broad categories of dc machines; i Separately excited and ii Self-excited.

Separately excited DC machines: In separately excited dc machines, the field winding is supplied from a separate power source. That means the field winding is electrically separated from the armature circuit. Separately excited DC generators are not commonly used because they are relatively expensive due to the requirement of an additional power source or circuitry.

They are used in laboratories for research work, for accurate speed control of DC motors with Ward-Leonard system and in few other applications where self-excited DC generators are unsatisfactory.

In this type, the stator field flux may also be provided with the help of permanent magnets such as in permanent magnet DC motors. Self-excited DC machines: In this type, field winding and armature winding are interconnected in various ways to achieve a wide range of performance characteristics for example, field winding in series or parallel with the armature winding. In a self-excited type of DC generator , the field winding is energized by the current produced by themselves.

A small amount of flux is always present in the poles due to the residual magnetism. So, initially, current induces in the armature conductors of a dc generator only due to the residual magnetism. The field flux gradually increases as the induced current starts flowing through the field winding. Self-excited machines can be further classified as — Series wound dc machines — In this type, field winding is connected in series with the armature winding.

Therefore, the field winding carries whole of the load current armature current. That is why series winding is designed with few turns of thick wire and the resistance is kept very low about 0. Shunt wound dc machines — Here, field winding is connected in parallel with the armature winding.

Hence, the full voltage is applied across the field winding. Shunt winding is made with a large number of turns and the resistance is kept very high about Ohm. Compound wound dc machines — In this type, there are two sets of field winding. One is connected in series and the other is connected in parallel with the armature winding. Compound wound machines are further divided as - Short shunt — field winding is connected in parallel with only the armature winding Long shunt — field winding is connected in parallel with the combination of series field winding and armature winding.

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Classifications of DC machines : (DC Motors and DC Generators)

AC motors are highly flexible in many features including speed control VSD - Variable Speed Drives and have a much larger installed base compared to DC motors, some of the key advantages are:. The current trend for VSD is to add more features and programmable logic control PLC functionality, which add advantages but require greater technical expertise during maintenance. In this type of motor, the rotation of the rotor is synchronized with the frequency of the supply current and the speed remains constant under varying loads, so is ideal for driving equipment at a constant speed and are used in high precision positioning devices like robots, instrumentation, machines and process control. Click here for an example Synchronous Motor from RS. This type of motor uses electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding to produce an electric current in the rotor and hence Torque.

Christian Cavallo. It seems impossible to imagine a world without the electric motor. Thanks to the advancements of the 19th century and beyond, we are able to transform electrical current into useful mechanical movement to perform all kinds of amazing tasks. This article will focus on the DC motor , one of the oldest electric motor forms, and how it still benefits us to this day. This article aims to help readers understand the series wound DC motor, how it works, and what kinds of applications benefit from this rugged electric motor design.

The types of DC motor include: Permanent Magnet DC Motor (PMDC Motor) Separately Excited DC Motor. Self Excited DC Motor. Shunt Wound DC Motor. Series Wound DC Motor. Compound Wound DC Motor. Short shunt DC Motor. Long shunt DC Motor.

Classifications of DC machines : (DC Motors and DC Generators)

As we know, an electric motor plays a vital role in every sector of the industry, and also in a wide range of applications. There are a variety of types of electric motors are available in the market. The selection of these motors can be done based on the operation and voltage and applications.

Recieve free updates Via Email! Home Electrical machines Power system Ask a question Contact electricaleasy. Share: Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Each DC machine can act as a generator or a motor.

A DC motor is any of a class of rotary electrical motors that converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most common types rely on the forces produced by magnetic fields. Nearly all types of DC motors have some internal mechanism, either electromechanical or electronic, to periodically change the direction of current in part of the motor.

Applications of DC Machines

Different Types of Electric Motors

From robotics to automobiles, small and medium sized motoring applications often feature DC motors for their wide range of functionality. Because DC motors are deployed in such a wide variety of applications, there are different types of DC motors suited to different tasks across the industrial sector. The permanent magnet motor uses a permanent magnet to create field flux. This type of DC motor provides great starting torque and has good speed regulation, but torque is limited so they are typically found on low horsepower applications. In a series DC motor, the field is wound with a few turns of a large wire carrying the full armature current.

In the present day world, electrical energy is generated in bulk in the form of an alternating current. Hence, the use of DC machines, i. They are mainly used in supplying excitation of small and medium-range alternators. Nowadays, the alternating current is generated first and then it is converted into DC by the rectifiers. Thus, DC generator has generally been suppressed by a rectified AC supply for many applications. Direct current motors are very commonly used as variable speed drives and in applications where severe torque variations occur.

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The main applications of the three types of direct current motors are given below. Series Motors. The series DC motors are used where high starting torque is required and variations in speed are possible. Shunt Motors. Compound Motors. Separately Excited DC Generators. Shunt wound Generators. Series Wound Generators.

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