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This chapter explains how to create a logical design for a data warehousing environment and includes the following topics:. Your organization has decided to build a data warehouse. You have defined the business requirements and agreed upon the scope of your application, and created a conceptual design. Now you need to translate your requirements into a system deliverable.

Facts and dimensions

A fact table is used in the dimensional model in data warehouse design. A fact table consists of facts of a particular business process e. Facts are also known as measurements or metrics. A fact table record captures a measurement or a metric. This schema is known as the star schema. ZenTut Programming Made Easy. Fact Table. Measure types Fact table can store different types of measures such as additive, non-additive, semi-additive.

Non-additive — different from additive measures, non-additive measures are measures that cannot be added to all dimensions. Semi-additive — semi-additive measures are the measure that can be added to only some dimensions and not across other. Transaction fact table stores data of the most detailed level, therefore, it has a high number of dimensions associated with. The source data of periodic snapshots fact table is data from a transaction fact table where you choose a period to get the output.

Accumulating snapshots — The accumulating snapshots fact table describes the activity of a business process that has clear beginning and end. This type of fact table, therefore, has multiple date columns to represent milestones in the process. A good example of accumulating snapshots fact table is processing of a material. As steps towards handling the material are finished, the corresponding record in the accumulating snapshots fact table gets updated.

Designing fact table steps Here is overview of four steps to designing a fact table described by Kimball: Choosing business process to model — The first step is to decide what business process to model by gathering and understanding business needs and available data Declare the grain — by declaring a grain means describing exactly what a fact table record represents Choose the dimensions — once grain of fact table is stated clearly, it is time to determine dimensions for the fact table.

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Difference Between Fact Table and Dimension Table

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Building a data warehouse requires adopting design and implementation techniques completely different from those underlying information systems. Our conceptual model consists of tree-structured fact schemes whose basic elements are facts, attributes, dimensions and hierarchies; other features which may be represented on fact schemes are the additivity of fact attributes along dimensions, the optionality of dimension attributes and the existence of non-dimension attributes.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. When reading a book for business objects, I came across the term- fact table and dimension table. That is because the 2 types of tables are created for different reasons. However, from a database design perspective, a dimension table could have a parent table as the case with the fact table which always has a dimension table or more as a parent.

Fact Table

A dimension is a structure that categorizes facts and measures in order to enable users to answer business questions. Commonly used dimensions are people, products, place and time. In a data warehouse , dimensions provide structured labeling information to otherwise unordered numeric measures. The dimension is a data set composed of individual, non-overlapping data elements. The primary functions of dimensions are threefold: to provide filtering, grouping and labelling.

A fact table is used in the dimensional model in data warehouse design. A fact table consists of facts of a particular business process e. Facts are also known as measurements or metrics.

Types of Dimensions in data warehouse

A fact table is a primary table in a dimensional model. They are joined to fact table via a foreign key. Dimension tables are de-normalized tables.

Facts and dimensions are data warehousing terms. A fact is a quantitative piece of information - such as a sale or a download. Facts are stored in fact tables, and have a foreign key relationship with a number of dimension tables. Dimensions are companions to facts, and describe the objects in a fact table. In the following example, every download fact is linked by ID to a number of dimensions:. Prev Next.

Example of fact table

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    Overview of the Need for Data Warehousing. 2. DW Design Principles. 3. Dimension Design. 4. Fact Design. 5. When to Use Columnstore or.

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    Dimension tables contain the descriptive attributes used by BI applications for filtering and grouping the facts. With the grain of a fact table firmly in mind, all the​.

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    A Fact Table contains Measurements/factsForeign key to dimension Fact table helps to store report labels whereas Dimension table contains detailed data. Storage, Helps to store report labels and filter domain values in dimension tables. Data Warehouse PDF: Data Warehousing Concepts (Book).

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    Facts and dimensions are data warehousing terms. A fact is a quantitative piece of information - such as a sale or a download. Facts are stored in fact tables, and have a foreign key relationship with a number of dimension tables.

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