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Natural gas is a fossil energy source that formed deep beneath the earth's surface. Natural gas contains many different compounds. The largest component of natural gas is methane, a compound with one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms CH4.

Millions of years ago, algae and plants lived in shallow seas. After dying and sinking to the seafloor, the organic material mixed with other sediments and was buried. Over millions of years under high pressure and high temperature, the remains of these organisms transformed into what we know today as fossil fuels.

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Bennett, E. Defining pressure maintenance as the practice of returning gas to the oil-producing formation for the purpose of maintaining reservoir pressure and energy, the author states that the value of pressure maintenance has been proved, but that it is utilized by relatively few operators. Its advantages are stated, these including: saving of gas for fuel that would otherwise be wasted; providing energy to produce oil naturally, thereby eliminating pumping equipment; prevention of water encroachment; increased life in gasoline-plant operations; great increase in ultimate recovery of oil; and reduction in gas-oil ratios. Details are given regarding operations and equipment, with input pressures ranging from 2, to 4, Ib. Pressure maintenance is defined as the practice of returning gas from flush production to the formation for the purpose of keeping reservoir Pressure and energy as near initial conditions as possible.

The scientific basis that underlies the geology of petroleum and natural gas deposit origination has for the past five decades been based upon plate tectonics theory. However, plate tectonics theory depends critically upon physically impossible mantle convection. Here, I describe from that new framework the scientific basis that underlies a new concept for the geological origin of petroleum and natural gas deposits. Surface observations of oil and gas seeps, the traditional technique for exploration of subsurface petroleum and natural gas deposits, is still currently in use. Surface observations, however, are now augmented by a host of highly sophisticated technologies to detect and determine the extent of such deposits, including surface geochemical investigations and subsurface geophysical investigations, such as seismic, electrical conductivity, and gravity surveys.

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The decline in oil and natural gas prices in interrupted a 2-year trend of rising proved reserves of oil and natural gas in the United States. Proved reserves of crude oil and lease condensate remained effectively the same in as in a very slight increase of 0. Although the U. Highlights are listed below. Proved reserves are estimated volumes of hydrocarbon resources that analysis of geologic and engineering data demonstrates with reasonable certainty[ 1 ]are recoverable under existing economic and operating conditions.

New concept on the origin of petroleum and natural gas deposits

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is composed mainly of methane - composed itself of carbon and hydrogen - and is thus known as a hydrocarbon. The formation of natural gas begins in warm, shallow oceans that were present on the Earth millions of years ago. In these oceans, extremely small dead organic matter - classified as plankton - falls to the floor of the ocean.

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New concept on the origin of petroleum and natural gas deposits

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