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In this HTML tutorial, you will find more than examples. With our online "Try it Yourself" editor, you can edit and test each example yourself! If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:.

Over 6 fun missions learn the basic concepts of coding or computer programming and help Professor Bairstone and Dr Day keep the Monk Diamond safe from dangerous jewel thieves. In bite-size chunks learn important real-life coding skills and become a technology star of the future. Young Rewired State is a global community that aims to get kids coding and turn them into the technology stars of the future. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Get Coding! Learn Html CSS & JavaScript & Build a Website Ap

Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Home Get Coding! Share Embed Donate. We hope that Get Coding! What does this book teach you? Programs have to be written in languages a computer can understand.

Coding is all about learning to write programs in these different languages. They are used by web developers to build the websites and web-based apps and games you use every day. This book will teach you how to write code and build programs using these programming languages. In this book you will learn real-life coding skills you can use to do all kinds of programming. Find out more about Young Rewired State: www. D irsto Ba ne There are six chapters in this book. Your job is to work through the chapters and use your skills to complete the missions.

You will be joining Professor Bairstone, Dr Day and Ernest, who need your help to keep a valuable diamond safe. Great to meet you! All you need is a computer PC or Mac that is connected to the Internet.

We hope you enjoy this book and it inspires you to get coding! We use them all the time to do many different things. But did you know that a smartphone is also a computer? And that there are computers inside cash machines, washing machines, games consoles and cars?

All these computers look different and work slightly differently, but all have one thing in common: they have to follow sets of instructions, called programs, to complete tasks. Perfect programming Computers are electronic devices that can process information.

They have to follow a detailed series of commands in a piece of software known as a program. Programs are written in programming languages that computers can understand. Writing programs is therefore known as coding or programming. You can write programs to do all sorts of things. In fact, you can write a program to make a computer do almost anything. The people who write programs are called programmers or software developers.

Programmers write code in different programming languages depending on the type of program they want to build. You may have already done some coding at school, using programming languages such as Scratch or Python.

Scratch is made up of coloured blocks of code that you drag and drop together to create programs. Python is a text-based programming language, which means you create programs by typing out each instruction for your computer as a piece of code. Programs like Instagram are written in Python. Using these programming languages, you are going to create programs that run on the Internet. You are going to create a website, app, game and many other programs that will run in your web browser.

Programming languages There are many different programming languages you can code in. Computers can understand more than one programming language at a time, so programs are often written using several different programming languages. Some commonly used programming languages are listed below. C , Java and Objective-C are used to write apps for computers and smartphones. SQL is used to extract information from databases. Look at all the different programming languages you can code in!

This network is called the Internet and it allows us to access and share information with people around the world in seconds. But did you know that when you connect to the Internet and view a website you are using a chain of different computer programs? Programs on our computers called web browsers connect via Internet networks to programs running on web servers, letting us share information quickly and easily.

The web is made up of lots of individual web pages. Web pages are nearly all written in the same programming language, which is called HTML. HTML contains the information your computer needs to display a web page on-screen. When a group of web pages is linked together, the group of pages is called a website.

You access web pages using a program called a web browser. Web browsers are computer programs that allow us to view web pages. You have probably come across web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, and used them to access all sorts of different websites.

It then accesses the information for the web page using another program, called a web server. Professor Bairstone is always online, sending emails! A web server can either be hardware a computer or software a program that helps to deliver a web page to your browser. It then sends the web page to your computer as HTML code. When the web server sends your web browser a web page, it sends the information in a HTML document. HTML documents are made up of HTML elements, such as text and images, as well as exact instructions for the browser about how to display and position the elements on-screen.

As it parses and decodes the instructions, the browser draws each element of the document on-screen. A HTML document could contain just a few words of text. Are you ready to get coding? URLs are split into different parts, each telling your web browser a different piece of information: This tells the web browser to connect to a web server Or the document might be more complicated, containing other programming languages as well, such as CSS and JavaScript.

Turn over to find out more about HTML and the other programming languages used to code web pages! These languages are used to build web pages and web-based apps. Using them together allows you to build web pages that not only look great, but are interactive too. In this book you are going to learn how to code in these languages. HTML is a great way of creating the basic structure of your web page. Elements are created using opening and closing tags.

Each tag is the name of the element enclosed in angle brackets. The content goes between the tags. Each HTML tag is an instruction to your web browser, telling it how to show the content on your screen. Tags allow you to add text, images and videos to your web page and divide information into sections, such as lines or paragraphs. CSS will let you make a piece of text bigger or smaller, change your background colour or position an image in the centre of a page.

An interactive web page changes when the user does something. So if you want your user to be able to click a button, or an alert to pop up, you need to use JavaScript. Alan Turing —54 was a mathematician who established the foundations of modern computer science.

Markus Persson — is a computer game programmer who created Minecraft. Sergey Brin — and Larry Page — are computer scientists and Internet entrepreneurs who co-founded the Google search engine. Mark Zuckerberg — is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, who co-founded Facebook. These are very brainy people! You can then use your new coding skills to help the intrepid explorer Professor Bairstone and top scientist Dr Day, who are in urgent need of your assistance.

They have found the valuable Monk Diamond on an expedition and need your help to keep it safe. The brief will ask you to use your coding knowledge to help with a Do It Yourself Task. But you will soon become familiar with the ways the different programming languages have to be written. Follow the stepby-step instructions in each exercise and master a new Code Skill every time.

You can use this information to help you complete the tasks. Use the code you have learnt in the Code Skills to complete the tasks and accomplish the missions. The future of the Monk Diamond is in your hands! Make a folder on your desktop called Coding.

Call your new folder Coding. On a Mac, hold down the Control key and click on your desktop. Then select New Folder. Master these essential Code Skills and you'll be ready for the first mission! If you have a PC, you can use Notepad. If you have a Mac, you can use TextEdit.

To do this go to Format in the menu bar and select Make Plain Text. Select Preferences.

Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game

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Activities progress in difficulty and eventually. Teachers can rely on this title to make detailed lesson plans, and it could also be the. Written by Young Rewired State, a worldwide tech community made up of kids and teens, the book begins by diving straight into building a web page with HTML rightly so, as its target audience is those who are already somewhat familiar with computer science. Framing the technical information is the tale of two scientists and their dog, who ask readers to help them make an interactive web page to 'get the word out' about their discovery of a stolen diamond. Activities progress in difficulty and eventually involve not only CSS but also Java.

if you want to download or read Get Coding!: Learn Html, CSS & JavaScript & Build a Website, App & Game, click button download in the last page Download or.

Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game.pdf

An essential guide to computer programming for kids— by kids. Crack open this book and set off on several fun missions — while simultaneously learning the basics of writing code. Want to make a website from scratch? Create an app? Build a game?

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Download Get Coding! Learn Html, Css, And Javascript And Build A Website, App, And Game.pdf

Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game

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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Home Get Coding! Share Embed Donate.

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