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ICLG - Aviation Laws and Regulations - United Kingdom covers common issues in aviation laws and regulations - including aircraft trading, finance and leasing, litigation and dispute resolution — in 27 jurisdictions. There are a number of bodies which have the authority to regulate, administer and control civil aviation. The Department for Transport in exercising the authority of the Secretary of State for Transport is the governmental body responsible for civil aviation. The Secretary of State has a general responsibility for organising, carrying out and encouraging measures for the development of civil aviation and the related aviation industry, for the promotion of its safety and efficiency, for research into questions relating to air navigation, and for the safeguarding of the health of persons on board aircraft. The Secretary of State has statutory powers relating to aviation security see, for example, the Aviation and Maritime Security Act

Conflicts of laws. Unification of law of liability. Rights in aircraft and their international recognition. This course examines the unification of private international air law through the adoption of international conventions. In particular, it reviews the liability of the air carrier towards passengers and shippers under the Warsaw Convention, as amended and supplemented by several other international legal instruments, including the Montreal Convention of Please refer to the SAO's Current courses page, from which the latest exam schedules can also be downloaded. Visiting Lecturers: Several visitors have been invited to the class.

The Clean Air Act CAA is the comprehensive federal law that regulates air emissions from stationary and mobile sources. One of the goals of the Act was to set and achieve NAAQS in every state by in order to address the public health and welfare risks posed by certain widespread air pollutants. The setting of these pollutant standards was coupled with directing the states to develop state implementation plans SIPs , applicable to appropriate industrial sources in the state, in order to achieve these standards. The Act was amended in and primarily to set new goals dates for achieving attainment of NAAQS since many areas of the country had failed to meet the deadlines. Section of the Clean Air Act addresses emissions of hazardous air pollutants.

Aviation law

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Request PDF | Aviation Law: Cases, Laws and Related Sources: Second Edition | The flying public, airlines, and governments will all agree on.

Summary of the Clean Air Act

Case law is the collection of past legal decisions written by courts and similar tribunals in the course of deciding cases, in which the law was analyzed using these cases to resolve ambiguities for deciding current cases. These past decisions are called "case law", or precedent. Stare decisis —a Latin phrase meaning "let the decision stand"—is the principle by which judges are bound to such past decisions.

Air law , the body of law directly or indirectly concerned with civil aviation. Aviation in this context extends to both heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air aircraft. Air-cushion vehicles are not regarded as aircraft by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO , but the practice of individual states in this regard is not yet settled. The earliest legislation in air law was a decree of the Paris police forbidding balloon flights without a special permit.

Summary of the Clean Air Act

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Aviation Law: Cases, Laws and Related Sources

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    Aviation Law: Cases, Laws, and Related Sources. Authors: Paul B. In our post-​9/11 world, the laws of aviation are under intense scrutiny. View PDF Flyer.

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