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Previous bulletins have detailed the underlying causes of mortality in newborn lambs and ways to reduce losses.

Anhrax, a highly infectious and fatal disease of cattle, is caused by a relatively large spore-forming rectangular shaped bacterium called Bacillus anthracis.

7 key lambing diseases: How to prevent and treat them

Aborted fetuses. Club lamb fungus. Healthy lambs. Congenital defect: no rectum. Deformed lambs. Deviated spine. Drawing blood.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. Lamb and ewe losses are greatest around lambing time. By reducing these more lambs will be reared which can improve the bottom line for sheep farmers. There are many different diseases that need to be recognised in lambs and ewes at this time and each farm will have their own problems to overcome. Below, Westpoint vet Lesley Bingham from Launceston, Cornwall takes a look at some of the more commonly encountered ones and explains how to recognise them, what causes them and what to do about each condition. One of the most common problems in lambs is hypothermia. Lambs get cold very quickly unless they are well fed.

Nairobi sheep disease NSD is a tickborne viral disease of sheep and goats characterized by fever and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, abortion, and high mortality. The disease was first identified near Nairobi, Kenya, in , and NSD virus was shown to be the causative agent in Human infections are rare; however, accidental infections have been reported among laboratory workers, resulting in fever, joint aches, and general malaise. The African field rat Arvicathus abysinicus nubilans is a potential reservoir host. NSD virus is classified in the genus Nairovirus , family Bunyaviridae, and is possibly the most pathogenic virus known for sheep and goats. It is identical to or closely related to Ganjam virus, a tickborne infection of sheep, goats, and people in India. In addition, the NSD virus is serologically related to Dugbe virus, another tickborne infection in cattle, and to Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus see Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever.

Lambing Part 5 Diseases of Newborn Lambs

For sheep and goats, it is recommended to vaccinate prior to lambing, weaning, and breeding. The dam produces antibodies that are transferred to the calf in the colostrum. Essential Blue Tongue. Brand name: Prevenar Pneumococcal 23vPPV A type of pneumococcal vaccine known as valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, that helps protect against 23 serotypes of the bacterium. Ibuprofen Toxicity in Dogs and Cats. The vaccines approved for sheep and cattle can be used for goats off label with a veterinary prescription.

Potassium permanganate in 1 liter of water and wash the mouth 2 to 3 times a day with this solution. About this disease It is an acute highly contagious viral disease of small ruminants characterized by fever, loss of appetite, stomatitis, gastroenteritis and pneumonitis. The disease is markedly evident in goat and sheep are less susceptible. TOP Sheep pox About this disease. Home About Us Contact Us. This disease mostly affects sheep and goat and cattle are very rarely affected.

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Authoritative yet easy to read, Sheep and Goat Medicine, 2nd Edition covers all the latest advances in sheep and goat medicine, including medical treatment, surgery, theriogenology, and nutrition. Full-color photographs and clear instructions provide the answers you need, guiding you through common procedures and techniques such as restraint for examination, administration of drugs, blood collection, and grooming; these descriptions are often accompanied by explanatory diagrams and charts. With diseases, surgeries, and treatments organized by body system, information is always easy to find.

Manual of Sheep Diseases, 2nd Edition. ISBN This manual is intended for the busy, rural veterinary practitioner who is not an expert in sheep health management but is occasionally called upon to deal with flock health problems.

Many things, including toxic agents, congenital abnormalities, and infectious diseases, can cause abortions. The most common infectious microorganisms that cause abortions in goats and sheep are the following:. Many of the infectious causes of abortion in goats and sheep are zoonotic, meaning they can also cause disease in humans.

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