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Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Interview Questions and Answers [2019]

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions and Answers Below are a few Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions, wherein most of the interviewers would be asking in the following areas, have a look at them.

Microsoft Dynamics AX streamlines Financial management, Customer relationship, Human capital management, and Supply chain processes and supports operational and administrative processes for organizations in Manufacturing, Retail, Service-oriented industries, and the Public sector.

Ans Auto Design: An auto design is a report design that has a layout that is automatically generated based on the data for the report. You can use auto designs for most common reports. Re-usability is available.

This uses Report template and Section template. Header ,Section Group and Footer is not available. Re-usability is not available. The value in the field can be edited. Ans Virtual company accounts contain data in certain tables that are shared by any number of company accounts. This allows users to post information in one company that will be available to another company.

Ans In properties of datasource table set the StartPosition property as last. Ans An index is a table-specific database structure that speeds the retrieval of rows from the table. Indexes are used to improve the performance of data retrieval and sometimes to ensure the existence of unique records. The user interface is how the functionality of the application is presented or displayed to the user. IntelliMorph controls the layout of the user interface and makes it easier to modify forms, reports, and menus.

Differentiate refresh ,reread ,research ,executequery. In this case. It's like research except it takes query changes into account. The 3-tier environment is divided as follows:. In a 3-tier solution the database runs on a server as the third tier; the AOS handles the business logic in the second tier. The thin client is the first tier and handles the user interface and necessary program logic. Ans Data in containers are stored and retrieved sequentially, but a temporary table enables you to define indexes to speed up data retrieval.

Containers provide slower data access if you are working with many records. However, if you are working with only a few records, use a container. Another important difference between temporary tables and containers is how they are used in method calls. When you pass a temporary table into a method call, it is passed by reference. Containers are passed by value. When a variable is passed by reference, only a pointer to the object is passed into the method.

When a variable is passed by value, a new copy of the variable is passed into the method. If the computer has a limited amount of memory, it might start swapping memory to disk, slowing down application execution. When you pass a variable into a method, a temporary table may provide better performance than a container.

Ans EDT - To reuse its properties. The properties of many fields can change at one time by changing the properties on the EDT. Relations can be assigned to an edt are known as Dynamic relations.

Why not field fixed — field fixed works on only between two tables 1- 1 relation. And Related field fixed works on 1- many tables. Enum values are represented internally as integers. With a map, you associate a map field with a field in one or more tables. This enables you to use the same field name to access fields with different names in different tables.

Map methods enable to you to create or modify methods that act on the map fields. Address map that contains an Address field. Ans Adding the "index" statement to an Axapta select, it does NOT mean that this index will be used by the database. Adding the "index hint" statement to an Axapta select, it DOES mean that this index will be used by the database and no other one. Ans Normal Relation: enforce referential integrity such as foreign keys.

For displaying lookup on the child table. It works on conditional relations and works on enum type of data. Ans when the record is entered in the table the recid is generated by the kernel. Ans Primary index: It works on unique indexes. The data should be unique and not null. Retrieve data from the database. Search results are quicker when records are retrieved by the cluster index, especially if records are retrieved sequentially along the index.

Other indexes that use fields that are a part of the cluster index might use less data space. Fewer files in the database; data is clustered in the same file as the clustering index.

This reduces the space used on the disk and in the cache. It takes longer to update records but only when the fields in the clustering index are changed. More data space might be used for other indexes that use fields that are not part of the cluster index if the clustering index is wider than approximately 20 characters. Ans This method calls the system methods to execute. Ans All the tables should have at least one find method that selects and returns one record from the table that matches the unique index specified by the input parameters.

The last input parameter in a find method should be a Boolean variable called for update or update that is defaulted to false.

When it is set to true, the caller object can update the record that is returned by the find method. If you extend a class, it inherits all the methods and variables in the parent class the superclass. Ans Yes, but to open the class from action menu item we have to create main method of class. Ans new : used to create a memory to the object. The method should return an instance of the class. Ans Application objects such as reports, tables, and methods can run on the application object server AOS or the client.

An object can also have the RunOn property value set to Called from. Objects set to Called from can run from either the client or server, depending on where the object is called from.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Questions and Answers

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Dynamics 365 Interview Technical Questions

Explore Now! Have you come here in search of Microsoft Dynamics Interview questions and Answers? Then you are in the right place. The increased demand for CRM tools has created a lot of opportunities in this field. Organizations are moving to Microsoft dynamics because of a wide range of benefits that they gain which include an increased number of customers, high customer loyalty, better marketing strategies, improves sales, streamlined business process, better analytics, etc.

Dynamics , Microsoft. Microsoft Products. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful integrated, adaptable business management solution in the Microsoft Dynamics line that streamlines financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. This resource planning tool combines industry and brand-specific functionalities with core enterprise management features and empowers many prominent companies around the world to meet the challenges of their industries and make use of profitable business opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions and Answers Below are a few Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions, wherein most of the interviewers would be asking in the following areas, have a look at them. Microsoft Dynamics AX streamlines Financial management, Customer relationship, Human capital management, and Supply chain processes and supports operational and administrative processes for organizations in Manufacturing, Retail, Service-oriented industries, and the Public sector.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Interview Questions and Answers

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Answer : Follow the steps given in the link here. Answer : It is a Global class that can be utilized to view elements in a tree format. Answer : Click here. Answer: Click here. Note: These questions are the ones that me and some of my friends were asked. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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What is MS Dynamics AX? Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft Business Solutions – Axapta) is a cutting edge, multi-language, multi-currency Enterprise Resource.

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