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On the city fringe of Sydney, FJMT has produced a work of finely considered and unapologetic public architecture. Image: John Gollings.

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On the southern edge, the Collins Street road closure is converted into a modest public park with a raised grass platform. This new space extended the function of the building and reasserts it as a public place. The brief was developed in close consultation with the local community. The key approach emerging from these discussions was based on the community wanting a single facility everyone could share: library, community centre, and childcare all in one. In this way the building became a truly shared place where the whole community could meet and use it in different ways.

The Surry Hills Library and Community Centre

The City of Sydney Library network consists of nine branch libraries and two 'library links', located in Australia within the City of Sydney Council administrational area. By the end of the same year there were over one thousand registered borrowers. In the lending library moved to the second floor of the Queen Victoria Building and in control passed from State to the City of Sydney Council. In the library moved again, this time to the old concert hall of the Queen Victoria Building. This provided space for a separate children's library to open in the same year. The first branch libraries opened in which also provided book deposit stations at a number of local schools. In , the City library moved to yet larger premises within the Queen Victoria Building before taking up residence at Pitt Street in

First floor of Library & Community Centre

The four story, twenty-five hundred square meter Surry Hills Library and Community Centre has enriched the community of Surry Hills, Australia since with a new, sustainable twist on historically stagnant programmatic elements. This architectural landmark combines spaces for the predominantly solitary activity of reading with those for group use, mixing public and private, solid and void, and transparency and opacity. The community of Surry Hills, once considered a slum, evolved into one of the most socially and culturally vibrant neighborhoods of Sydney. Today, a highdensity and demographically diverse population fuels ever-developing commercial and residential endeavours that mix the historic roots of the area with fresh perspectives on design, commerce, and lifestyle. As the design progressed, the Surry Hills Library and Community Centre began to directly integrate sustainable elements into the aesthetics of the building. The library features diverse facade approaches on each side of the building that correspond to the climate and geographical orientation of the building. FJMT approaches design with thorough theoretical analysis and development which is paired with the most modern and high tech computer visualization and documentation processes.

The Surry Hills Library and Community Centre incorporates numerous sustainable design innovations and integrates these into an expressive contemporary architecture. The outcome is a remarkably healthy internal environment achieved through energy efficient and natural systems, high levels of oxygenation and air quality and zero carbon emissions. This project extends sustainable design practice to new levels of architectural integration and experimentation. Sydney, Australia. Sign up for new issues View all issues.

The new Surry Hills Library and Community Centre (SHLCC) sets new standards for integrated sustainable design in public buildings. Innovative environmental.

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre

He became a director of the firm in and was a founding partner of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in We should pursue an architecture appropriate to citizens rather than consumers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre / FJMT

Text description provided by the architects. This project is prominently located in the heart of Surry Hills, an inner-city suburb of Sydney whose community is characterised by a diversity of age, income and cultural backgrounds. The site is very constrained, measuring just 25 by 28 metres and bound on three edges by roads: Crown Street, the main street of Surry Hills, to the east and two residential streets to the south and west. The key approach that emerged from these discussions was that the community wanted a facility that everyone could share. Rather than only a library or a community centre or childcare centre, it became clear that it was important to have all of these facilities together in one building, in one place. In this way the building became a truly shared place where the whole community could meet and use in different ways. In response we developed what for Sydney is a new type of public building.

A substantial part time position is now available at Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre. We are looking for a dedicated highly motivated Out of School Hours Care Coordinator with a focus on excellence. You will be required to work as part of a dynamic team to undertake the role of the Coordinator for our service at Crown St Public School. Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre is a not for profit community service that has been operating in Surry Hills for over 40 years promoting social justice. Our Centre is governed by a volunteer governance board who are committed to ensuring that the service adheres to the highest standards of service provision and operates in a just and ethical manner.

Rather than only a library or a community centre or childcare centre, it became clear that it was important to have all of these facilities together in.

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