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While there does not seem to be a definitive temperature to avoid going below, when pouring concrete…you should clearly define where you draw the line! Is an ongoing challenge for concrete professionals.

Best Practices for Hot Weather Concreting

Masonry construction can continue during hot, cold, and wet weather conditions. The ability to continue masonry construction in adverse weather conditions requires consideration of how environmental conditions may affect the quality of the finished masonry. In some cases, environmental conditions may warrant the use of special construction procedures to ensure that the masonry work is not adversely affected. One of the prerequisites of successful all-weather construction is advance knowledge of local conditions. Work stoppage may be justified if a short period of very cold or very hot weather is anticipated. The best source for this type of information is the U. In the following discussion, ambient temperature refers to the surrounding jobsite temperature when the preparation activities and construction are in progress.

What is Concrete Temperature Limit?

Online Directory. Concrete buildings and other structures are built in most countries around the world and in some regions the climates are typified by prolonged spells of either hot or cold weather. Ready mix concrete and construction companies in these regions manage to produce good-quality concrete despite these climatic drawbacks. In many regions with adverse climates there are consensus specifications and guidance documents for concrete production which give details of methods which can be used to combat the adverse conditions. In the more temperate parts of the world, cool, humid weather is the norm.

Portland cement concrete relies on chemical reactions between cementitious materials and water, known collectively as hydration, to harden and develop strength. Like most chemical reactions, the rate of early-age hydration is significantly temperature-dependent. Generally, as concrete temperature rises, the time for hydration to occur shortens and vice-versa. The information provided in both the specification and guide should be considered any time concrete will be placed during cold weather, defined by the Guide as " Heated enclosures and curing blankets are often used to maintain concrete above freezing temperatures in the field once placed. Care should always be taken to vent the exhaust of hydrocarbon-burning heaters outdoors if they are used due to the risk of death of workers and carbonation of the concrete surface.

Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather… When Do You Draw the Line?

When the temperature of freshly mixed concrete approaches approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit adverse site conditions can impact the quality of concrete. Ambient temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the lack of a protected environment for concrete placement and finishing enclosed building can contribute to difficulty in producing quality concrete. The precautions required to ensure a quality end product will vary depending on the actual conditions during concrete placement and the specific application for which the concrete will be used. In general, if the temperature at the time of concrete placement will exceed 77 degrees Fahrenheit a plan should be developed to negate the effects of high temperatures. With proper planning and execution concrete can be successfully placed and finished to produce high quality durable concrete at temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

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Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather… When Do You Draw the Line?

Hot Weather Concreting

As we head into winter, understanding cold weather concreting will keep the jobs going and the crete flowing. Knowing how to pour, protect, and cure in frigid temps will help keep your job and budget on track. So, when the mercury dips, poured concrete must be protected until it can handle the cold on its own. Concrete is less affected by cold weather when it reaches a minimum strength of pounds per square inch PSI. Getting the concrete to the magic psi number takes a little time and attention. When the slab has a low temperature, it slows down setting time and can affect strength. This adds time to overall placement, finishing, curing, and form removal time.

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PDF | Hot weather concreting involves some procedures to reduce negative effects This article focus on the effects of the hot climate on the concrete Kay E.A. Hot and cold weather concreting, in: Advanced Concrete.


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    Average temperatures should not exceed ° F., for temperatures much above this may crack the aggregate. Heating of aggregates is preferably accomplished by steam or hot water in pipes. Protection required in cold weather is only that necessary to keep the temperature of the concrete from falling below 50° F.

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