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Riding on a train through England, Justice Wargrave begins thinking about where he is going: Soldier Island. He remembers a story of a millionaire who lived there, but has heard that the Island was recently bought by a man named Mr. The scene quickly changes to another woman on the train, Vera Claythorne who is similarly curious about this island.

And Then There Were None. Plot Summary. LitCharts Teacher Editions.

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And Then There Were None Books

The author of the book is Agatha Christie. Now, almost ten strangers to each other people are on the island, without communication with the outside world. And the question is not who will die first, and who is the killer? In my opinion something more terrible than this nursery rhyme, it is difficult to find. Most of the reviews contain almost a brief retelling of the book.

pdf/epub And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie is the author of this beautiful and awesome novel. It is beautifully constructed and maintains a strong sense of tension throughout. This one eminently deserves its high reputation. This book is a masterpiece, impeccably written, with a complex, fascinating plot. A group of 10 people from a variety of backgrounds are sent invitations to spend a week at an island retreat where they are murdered one by one. The murderer has damning knowledge on the guests, who have each themselves been involved in a murder or in circumstances that resulted in the deaths of innocent people. Although suspicion may have attached itself to a guest, in all cases there is a lack of enough evidence to successfully prosecute.


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

The main characters of this mystery classics story are justice lawrence john wargrave vera elizabeth claythorne. He laid the paper down and glanced out of the window. The book and then there were none is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. And then there were none agatha christie pdf. Please rate the book and support us by sharing our website to your friends.

Mystery and detective novels are loved by many readers all over the world. A charming point of reading such novels should be that you would feel nervous when you are following a murder case. You would try to follow up on the plot and use your logical thinking to solve the case with the main characters together. You will feel nervous and also excited when you reach the truth.

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And Then There Were None

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