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Essay on Authority and American Usage, by David Foster Wallace

When I was growing up, I eschewed nonfiction writing. I preferred the proverbial land of make-believe to what I considered to be the drab styles of National Geographic and my middle school textbooks. Such is the genius of the collection of essays, Consider the Lobster. Amazingly, David Foster Wallace brings a review of a reference book to funny, engaging, and fiercely political life; his rabid footnoting and interpolating give a narrative wackiness to the text, albeit incredibly detailed, that makes reading the review seem less of an academic research project and more of a self-indulgent pleasure read, even as it educates you in anally precise terminology.

And to whom do we look for fun but David Foster Wallace? Steve, I love the title… I do not think that I have ever read a review of a review before. Now, I find myself in the peculiar situation of writing a review of a review of a review. I never realized there was a debate over descriptivism vs prescriptivism. I think my school of thought aligns more with descriptivism. I view language as a means of documenting, conveying or otherwise expressing ideas.

If society chooses to change the rules by which they want to express these ideas, I take no issue with it in so far as people are sufficiently precise in their language when detail and universally explicit understanding of the language are necessary.

I also must mention that I very rarely voluntarily read fictional works. My general thought is that people have had real experiences that are so incredible they seem fictitious, yet there is something inherently enjoyable about knowing what you read actually occurred.

Therefore, I typically stay in the realm of nonfiction. Hey, Steve! After all, I am one of those people that avoids the nonfiction realm as much as possible! It was my path to freedom, and in many ways, my prolific reading is what saved me and brought me to this university.

In any case, the difference between prescriptivism and descriptivism was very interesting, and well explained! Although my own grammar is certainly far from perfect you may call me a hypocrite, if you like , I prefer prescriptivism. It just seems like the wrong sort of grouping, in my opinion, and gives the wrong meaning. Speaking of Grammar Nazis, this whole post reminded me of a College Humor video that I saw a while back.

Finally, out of curiosity, are you an English major of some sort? I feel like you are, but I could be wrong. In any case, I enjoyed your post very much! Your command of language is admirable and something I envy considerably, yet even while maintaining an academic tone, you manage to make it personable and even witty.

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Research Fundamentals: David Foster Wallace - Authority and American Usage

The words suggest their respective beliefs. Descriptivists, on the other hand, reject the idea of an authoritative right wrong when it comes to English usage. Makes sense, right? While Wallace considers himself a Snoot Prescriptivist, he acknowledges that the descritpivist method is more in sync with the professed liberal tendencies of a democratic society. Prescriptivists, he points out, are the linguistic equivalent of fundamentalist religious zealots who, if given the chance, would impose a rigid theocracy on believers and non-believers alike.

Garner and published by Oxford University Press , is a usage dictionary and style guide or ' prescriptive dictionary' for contemporary Modern English. It was expanded to cover English more broadly in the fourth edition, under the present title. The work covers issues of usage, pronunciation, and style, from distinctions among commonly confused words and phrases to notes on how to prevent verbosity and obscurity. In addition, it contains essays about the English language. An abridged version of the first edition was also published as The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style in

Wallace, too, strived to make ethical arguments while soothing and flattering his readers and distracting them from the fact that arguments were being made. Visit some blogs — personal blogs, academic blogs, blogs associated with some of our most esteemed periodicals — to see these tendencies writ large. My own archives, dating back to , are no exception. I suppose it made sense, when blogging was new, that there was some confusion about voice. Was a blog more like writing or more like speech? Soon it became a contrived and shambling hybrid of the two. That music blog we liked was really pretty much the only one that, um, you know, got it.


Please feel free to reach out for virtual appointments! For more information on library services and resources, please click here. Bartholomae and Petroskey provide a summary of the last part of the essay in Ways of Reading. The complete essay is available in the book, Consider the Lobster: and Other Essays.

Another Thing to Sort of Pin on David Foster Wallace

I'm a huge fan of David Foster Wallace. A register is another way in which how something is said or written and can be just as important as what is said or written for the meaning of the message Sergeant, , p. He is saying that the American government has ignored their duty to all of the American people. Authority can be used to provide order and security in people's lives. Authority Essay Authority is the person with higher ability. Authority And American Usage.

Interviews with him are full of his misgivings that questions are coming too fast and asking for answers that are too short. An additional irony is that what D. And here D. Our worries are not D. Ask anyone who knew him, and what they remember is his glorious, discursive, impassioned talk. Here he is on bad professional prose, be it by lawyers or academics:. The interview was a byproduct of an article Wallace started in the late nineties on the grammar wars.

By David Foster Wallace. + Foster Wallace is a contributing editor to Harper's'Magazine'rmd the author A Dictiorlary of Modem American Usage, by Bryan A,. Garner ed relationship between Authority and Democracy in "hat we​.

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Reviewing of a Review That, If Nothing Else, Should Encourage You To Read The Reviewed Review

This essay was written in defense of Bryan A. Garner, Making Peace in the Language Wars , Wallace himself argues against most of these edicts, proving himself.

Truer words were never spoke. We are forced to conclude he does not know how to use the French phrase he deploys so snappily. But wait! He is more intent on proving that he knows how to use a big dictionary than in reading what it says there.

D.F.W.’s Favorite Grammarian

When I was growing up, I eschewed nonfiction writing. I preferred the proverbial land of make-believe to what I considered to be the drab styles of National Geographic and my middle school textbooks.

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