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CEE April 10, School of Civil and Monroe L. Conservation of Mass.

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Fluid Mechanics/Control Volume Analysis

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This chapter presents derivations of the differential equations that, with corresponding boundary conditions, describe convective heat transfer processes. Since convective heat transfer always involves transfer of mass and momentum, the derivations of the corresponding equations are also presented and serve as an introduction to the heat-transfer equations, which are conceptually rather similar. The derivations in Sections 2. These derivations use control-volume analysis, together with the laws for heat- and momentum-flux rates in a viscous conducting fluid that were introduced in Chapter 1. The equations for three-dimensional flows contain extra terms but no new principles see Problems 2. Since most practical cases of convective heat transfer involve turbulent flow, the usual decomposition of the velocity and fluid properties into mean and fluctuating quantities, with subsequent averaging of the equations, is described in Section 2.

What Are the Navier-Stokes Equations?

The streamlines for this flow are given by the family of curves. The water jet exiting from a stationary tank through a circular opening of diameter mm impinges on a rigid wall as shown in the figure. Neglect all minor losses and assume the water level in the tank to remain constant. An ideal water jet with volume flow rate of 0. Consider the following statements regarding streamline s :. A streamline and an equipotential line in a flow field.

Control volume analysis of mass momentum and energy pdf

A fluid dynamic system can be analyzed using a control volume , which is an imaginary surface enclosing a volume of interest. The control volume can be fixed or moving, and it can be rigid or deformable. Thus, we will have to write the most general case of the laws of mechanics to deal with control volumes. The first equation we can write is the conservation of mass over time.

Control-Volume Analysis of Mass,Momentum and Energy Study Notes for Mechanical Engineering

It is based on the law of conservation of momentum or on the momentum principle, which states that the net force acting on a fluid mass is equal to the change in momentum of flow per unit time in that direction. The impulse-momentum equation 1 is used to determine the resultant force exerted by a flowing fluid on a pipe bend. Let v 1 , p 1 and A 1 are the velocity, pressure and area at the section 1 of the pipe. Moment of momentum equation is derived from moment of momentum principle which states that the resulting torque acting on a rotating fluid is equal to the rate of change of moment of momentum.

Mass, momentum and energy the university of manchester. This chapter deals with four equations commonly used in fluid mechanics. Introductory fluid mechanics l7 p1 control volume analysis. Conservation equations for mass, momentum, and energy.

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