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Bengaluru Traffic Police

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Traffic Fines in Karnataka - Slashed by 50%-80%

Road signs or road markings are the best indicator to the driver. There are so many traffic signs which can be seen on the road and it is very important for a person who is driving to know the exact meaning of these signs. These signs not only provide the advance information about road conditions ahead but also give orders, warning or guidance to the driver and sometimes they also saves time and help the driver to reach his destination easily. Mandatory Signs Usually mandatory signs are the indicators of the certain law and regulations which needs to be followed in order to avoid traffic jams, includes special obligation, prohibition or restrictions. Violation of these signs may get the driver into a legal offence. Therefore the driver must comply with these signs.

Understanding each and every traffic sign is among the most important aspects for all road-users. The traffic signs communicate the basic rules and regulations of the road through simple graphics that can be understood within seconds. Also, anyone who wishes to apply for a driving license first needs to learn all the traffic signs in order to pass the theoretical examination of driving. Here, in this post, we tell you in detail about the road signs and their importance. As you can understand from the name, these are the road signs that need to be followed compulsorily, failing which, one might be issued a challan by the traffic cops.

Road Traffic Signs in India. Mandatory/Regulatory Signs. Stop. Give way. No entry. Straight prohibited. One way. One way. Vehicles prohibited in both directions.

Traffic Signs Chart | Traffic Chart PDF Download

Road and General Signs. General Riding Principles. Rules of Road and Regulations.

Test yourself before appearing in Driving Licence test!

With the implementation of the amendment in the previously proposed Motor Vehicle Act of the year , a new set of traffic rules has been imposed on the citizens of India. The New Motor Vehicle Amendment Act of imposes almost double the fine on the faulty driver as imposed by the previous Act.

Traffic Signs in India – Road Safety Signs

Traffic signs are divided into three basic categories: regulatory, warning, and guide signs. The shape of a traffic sign communicates important information about the sign's message. In poor visibility conditions, such as heavy fog, you may be able to make out only the shape of a sign. The following section will give you an understanding of the signs that are commonly used on the US roads. Neglecting to obey the road signs results in a traffic violation, but to obey the sign, everyone on the road, regardless of whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, needs to know the meaning of each specific sign. Read the following section to get to know how they differ from each other by the color and shape. Help Center.

Breaking traffic rules could attract heavy fines, imprisonment, or disqualification of driving license temporarily or permanently. After amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act in , the penalty for violating traffic rules has become more costly. Driving has now become a basic necessarily especially when you can not be dependent on public transport for your daily tasks. Since driving is such an important task for an individual, therefore having the knowledge of the Traffic Chart and traffic Signal will help you in not only passing the license test but also will help you in saving traffic violation penalties and ultimately staying safe.

Density based Traffic Control System with Ambulance Detection

A couple of days ago, the central government took a bold move on amending the Motor Vehicle Act, increasing existing traffic violation fines and initiating a couple of new ones. Effective since the 1 st of September, you could suddenly see more than 5 lakh people rushing to obtain their Pollution Control certificates and insurances. Courtesy- revised fines!

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    Abstract: Traffic congestion is a severe problem in most of the cities across the world and it has become a nightmare for the citizens.

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    Mandatory / Regulatory Signs. Information Signs. Cautionary Signs. Contact Us. Superintendent Of Police Office. Karwar Taluk Uttara Kannada District KARWAR​.

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